An easy way for men to find their 10-scale value

Yes, of course it applies to men. Don’t be bitchy about it, how do you think women feel?

There’s no way around this fact because you just went and tested the market and received your feedback in the form of actual data. This isn’t some silly quiz, or your best friend telling you what you want to hear about yourself. This is the market responding to you, and I bet you like the free market. Well, the sexual market is free too and speaks loudly about the participants…

Women don’t owe sex in the same way men don’t owe resources.

Too many compare Game to magic beans. An average man can’t land a supermodel. Get over yourself and you’ll be happier.

…You are just going to have to keep lowering your standards until you start to get bites if you are still striking out. For some men reading this, the low rank of the women who are actually interested in them is going to come to an absolute shock, but once again it is the reality of who you are. Men talk about taking the red pill, but are you really willing to follow that rabbit hole? What if at the end of that journey you find out you are a two? This is possible and if you’ve been a long time without even a date, likely. ….

Hollywood has lied to you too.
Some people are going to end up single, others will settle. Welcome to the Real World, Neo.

One response to “An easy way for men to find their 10-scale value

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