Why you should sell any FTSE350 shares you own – NOW

Late to the party, worth spreading.

Campaign for Merit in Business

[Note added 5 March 2014: this piece has just been published by ‘A Voice for Men’, where  we expect it to attract a large number of comments:

http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/feminist-governance-feminism/do-you-own-any-ftse350-shares-if-so-sell-them-now/ ]

Do you own shares in any FTSE350 companies? If so, we recommend you sell them as soon as possible, and the objective of this piece is to explain why. The key reason is that the government is intent on bullying FTSE350 companies into having gender parity on their boards, regardless of the overwhelming evidence provided to the government on numerous occasions (including in the course of House of Commons and House of Lords inquiries) by Campaign for Merit in Businesshttp://c4mb.org.uk (‘C4MB’) which shows conclusively that increasing the proportion of women on corporate boards leads to financial decline. It’s more an inexperience effect than a gender effect. The short C4MB briefing paper on the matter:


Shortly after David Cameron became Prime…

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