EU going way of Hindenburg – by country

внимание: Russians don’t fight you, they starve you out.

There is a theme to this post if you pay extra-close attention.

In America, pre-TTIP deal closure allowing interference without breaching international law;

In Austria;

In Frauline Merkel’s phone, Germany;

In France;

“the aim of the Americans is to start a war in Europe to push NATO to the Russian border.”

In Italia, uscire, non;

In Russia, government mark you like tree

Turkish Muslim invasion rejected for bad press

He's fucking five. He is Stewie Griffin.

Same Muslims plucking talent and fronting against Christian Russia

In glorious UK

In their statement, they said: “The UK is one of Germany’s most important markets worldwide and the EU the main market for the UK.

In Spain

The Dragon rears

In Africa


Lesson: never cross a man who looks like this.

Watch the guy, he’s actually more Bond villain than a Bond villain.

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