The ultimate contraceptive

Chipped like a cow. Worst of all, you know the feminists would dumbly push for this to be mandatory (because freedom of choice!)

The chip can be implanted into the hip, arms or beneath the back.

Bill Gates and Melinda foundation has funded the research and the prototype is ready for human testing.

The chip’s size is 20mm by 20mm by 7mm. The reservoirs of hormones would be stored on a microchip of 1.5cm. The chip’s data would always be encrypted so that others (cybercriminals or hackers) cannot access the information contained in the chip or misuse/alter or destroy it.

That includes the woman chipped.

They’ve been doing this for some time, this is why IS refuse vaccines for their little girls:

As usual, “The main target” for the testing phase of the chips are women in third-world countries. That means African and Indian women will be human guinea pigs, subject to more of Gates’ destructive horrors, like paralyzing nearly 50,000 Indian children with his polio vaccine tests. Or deaths/paralysis in Pakistan and more paralysis in Africa. But, I’m sure they will go back and make sure those women can conceive again, right? No one is admitting who is actually in control of the wireless capabilities of the implant that is allegedly impenetrable by hackers. Who does a woman see to have her ability to conceive turned back on? That would be an important piece of information, correct?

Interestingly, this news came right on the heels of New Zealand academic higher-ups seriously suggesting the temporary sterilization of all young teen girls – at least in New Zealand.

Brave New World much?

I think the Third World overpopulation needs to be solved as much as anyone, but not like this. Cut funding and they’d quit fucking.

Pregnancy costs too much….it’s inconvenient…it’s bad for mother and child, and other dehumanizing reasons were given. Ethics, compulsory slippery slopes and STD concerns aside, critics zeroed in on health and environment concerns regarding chemicals. Isn’t it convenient that Gates’ birth-control microchip should launch to save the world from those critiques? Who needs artificial hormones when wireless voltage and gold are there to alchemically or A.I.-chemically create “an artificial organ” through biotech, according to one of its developers. This is where Woman meets Machine to reproduce. Now there is no reason to protest – temporary sterilization for all!

This writer’s sentiments align with the anti-eugenics op-ed piece by Leading Edge, that said:

For me, one of the most troubling aspects of this proposal is the way in which it so flippantly treats normal healthy female fertility as if it were something that needs to be shut down or medicated against – like we would a disease, or some other physiological problem.

Fertility is healthy.
Another side effect of this abuse of technology, is that those little girls/women could be repeatedly raped with no evidence 9 months later to show for it.

I’d overload the little bastard with a localised electrical current… like say, a stun gun or cattle prod? Barring that, a simple EMP, cages that small are volatile against repeated blasts. And there’s always knocking the sweet thing out, cutting it out a la Matrix and implanting it in a fish.

One response to “The ultimate contraceptive

  1. Cure malaria in Africa with DDT; you’ll see a K-type shift.

    But no, we need to keep their population under control, better ban the stuff.

    These insane monsters do nothing but make the world worse – and we’re the racist ones!

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