Video: End Rape Culture

On clothing choice;

Clothing is a CHOICE.

Fashion is an ARTFORM.

A mode of EXPRESSION and evolves into a unique style.

What are you expressing, when you admittedly dress like a slut? What valuation of yourself are you telling the world?
If all you have about you, that you can draw attention to, is your skin, and your body, and you have nothing else to offer, other people are going to treat you as if you have nothing else to offer.

Men will treat you like a SHORT-term option and women will REJECT you.

Gaining a man’s attention is a long way off from his affection. Men can sleep with a woman who disgusts them.

If you don’t respect your body, nobody else will.

I thought women were meant to have higher levels of social intelligence?

One response to “Video: End Rape Culture

  1. Re the first video, it’s ironic that the illiberal ‘liberal left’ – including most feminists – have turned a blind eye to the demographic group where most rapists do come from nowadays.

    Re the second video, what defines a ‘slut uniform’? My mum and my aunties used to wear mini-skirts back in the day; that didn’t make them ‘sluts’. Mary Quant’s fashions were profoundly liberating for their generation.

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