The Calais Crisis and the Coming Collapse of the EU

…Such feebleness is outrageous. But they are so in thrall to their doctrine of multiculturalism, so wedded to their belief in ethnic minority victimhood, that they are terrified of vigorous action.

Indeed, so powerful is this climate of political correctness that even when a politician actually dares to speak out, the reaction is hysterical.

…This is precisely the kind of offensive sentimentality that is wrecking the fabric of Britain.

It is a form of emotional blackmail that aims to shut down all debate about immigration….

The EU right now —


The response needed is pure K-selection. Reality is crashing around the rabbit ears. Cuckservatives are having to choose sides, and being traitorous scum we all know that isn’t with their own racial group. You can’t even win votes from illegals, en masse people are getting red-pilled hard over this.

Gif is completely, totally relevant.

Who could have ever predicted all of this?


I’ve been uber busy at work recently, hence the slow post rate.
Hopefully this chaos won’t take too long to come to a head.

almost care

It’s been a foregone conclusion since ’08, I just want this mess done.

5 responses to “The Calais Crisis and the Coming Collapse of the EU

  1. Yeah, but how can the Daily Express keep trying to ramp up house prices, when there are no longer any immigrants to keep the buy-to-let brigade in business:

      • Really? I’m aware that housing benefit inflates market levels of rent and go straight into the pockets of landlords. But the high level of immigration over the past decade has also played its part in keeping the demand for rented accommodation higher than it otherwise would have been. Landlords (slumlords) have bought up properties in traditionally cheap areas and squashed as many immigrants into them as they can legally get away with. This removes the ‘bottom rung’ on the ‘housing ladder’ and the result is upward pressure on prices. Now let’s imagine over the next decade, that immigration process goes into reverse, then so will house prices as thousands of cheap properties come on the market. Will the Daily Express start calling for the immigrants to come back?

      • Many are illegal, so the demand for space isn’t official. Most houses were purchased above value, the banks are laughing their arses off. Real estate is an investment, they took on the risk, idiotic Baby Boomers.

      • Yes many of the immigrants are illegal, but the demand is still there because of them and the slumlords continue to freeze first-time buyers out of the market. So what happens when (if) the illegal immigrants are deported, house prices fall at the bottom of the ladder and that leads to falls further up the ladder? Will Richard Desmond start to panic? Even Paul Raymond realised that property investment was more lucrative than porn.

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