Victorians were probably smarter than you

I would’ve thought the successful Revolution as proof enough.

I prefer Victorian books for this reason. A book is a peek into another’s mind, and theirs are simply the deepest I have encountered.

There are other factors involved, including creativity (originality) and parallel lack of mutation load (mental disease).

I would be uncharitable for once and ascribe this experimental outcome to two common social factors;

  1. stupid people with high time preference were literally left to starve in the streets and were generally derided (social-moral influence on the weak-minded to dissuade those considering it) as grasshoppers to the smarter ants of society who made their choice.
  2. the mentally ill were thrown into asylums and much like prison used to function, this served to keep their genes separate from the common population and out of circulation as it practically barred them from reproduction (this is the true punishment intended from prison as a form that everyone seems to have forgotten).

If we brought back certain elements of these population controls, no doubt g/RT would rise.

If you want a practical guide to these questions, ask yourself where our geniuses are? They all seem to have died off in the 20th C. Where’s our Voltaire, Newton, or Emerson? Do they not exist, or does nobody pay them attention; I don’t know which is worse?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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