What nobody is supposed to know about vaccination


Long but interesting.

…Common sense may be out of vogue, but its value remains even when we have lost our ability to use it. The idea of putting disease organisms into the body through hollow needles (Laibow, 2005), bypassing all of the normal defenses of the human organism like the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems and the skin, in order to make us healthy and resistant to the disease being injected, should not be something we just believe without question. Especially when the results start to appear, which they have now done for hundreds of years in unmistakable patterns. The epidemics started and spread by vaccination, which began early in its history, with vaccinated individuals infecting others around them, should have shown us the reality of the situation. And in fact, the practice was banned many times (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013), but always re-started by the government groups and their medical association partners that stood to gain the most in money and power by the reinstatement of vaccination programs. We have to realize that the worst thing that could possibly happen to the medical industry, which in America now takes in more than $3 trillion dollars per year from the nation’s rampant ill-health, would be health itself. And vaccinations are there as one element of the system in place to make sure that never happens.

Live attenuated vaccines have proven contagion, unsure about others.
This becomes fatal when you consider people visiting or working in cancer wards/clinics are often compelled to get vaccinated with deadly diseases, to be allowed around the immunocompromised cancer patients.

Vaccine promoters are quick to point out that the injection of disease organisms into the body produces a response in the form of the appearance of “antibodies” in the blood. That is undeniably true, though the name is arbitrary and may be misleading by design. The fact is that the presence of “antibodies” does not mean the person will not get the disease they are being injected with. This happens commonly, and is listed as a “side effect” on many vaccine inserts that patients are not supposed to ask for or read (Blaylock, 2013). In addition, many people without detectable antibodies to a disease exhibit immunity to the disease anyway. If you point out this logic that calls the entire theory of vaccination into question, you will most likely be attacked, and labeled as “anti-science” by the huge money interests you are questioning. Medical doctors who persist in making this point can lose their licenses (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013). This is about intimidation and power, not about any real science….

The common retort is: If getting vaccinated makes YOU safe, why do you care what WE do?
It exposes their insecurity. They know as well as us that it isn’t airtight.
Herd immunity is a myth. It used to be a low-ball figure, over the decades it’s crept up to about 98% – beneath the error rate for those it would theoretically help. Medicine often works on greatest need, greatest benefit – forcibly injecting foreign bodies without consent (a medical intervention on par with other procedures) into 49/50 people is completely unethical. There is no excuse for it.

3 responses to “What nobody is supposed to know about vaccination

  1. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:

    As I pointed out previously, skepticism about vaccination is by no means a modern phenomenon

    As a reactionary, I’m inclined to wonder whether they were not wiser in their skepticism than we today are in our wholehearted, unskeptical complete embrace of such, as a society. (Hey, since I believe we are wrong today about a great deal of other things our ancestors knew better than us about, I can’t help but question the conventional wisdom of today on other matters like this, too…) I’m still on the fence, but open to open debate on these subjects, rather than the victorious side silencing dissent, as they are wont to do. What are they afraid of?

  2. I’ve thought, for a long time, that I should educate myself about the things we take for granted. Vaccination, income taxes (god what a nightmare THAT is), Planned Parenthood, Islam, things like that. The problem is, where does one go to get real information about these things without running into mountains of dogma and rhetoric? Where are the facts? Hidden, apparently.

    If I could find this information, I could be a PROactionary, rather than a REactionary, yes?

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