A year of ugly feminists

They are acknowledging the innate beauty of the feminine and trying to tie it to feminism – which tells women being masculine is the only virtue, for females.


In my first post of 2014 I introduced the topic of the ugly feminist.  As I explained at the time, this is an old charge but is typically aimed at the superficial instead of the core problem.  Feminists are ugly because the philosophy of feminism is ugly. It is based on avoiding caring for others and being miserly with love.  Several commenters pointed out that this is a devastating charge against feminism, as they could see no viable counter argument for it.

For Christians of course the answer should have always been obvious.  The feminist mindset is the opposite of what the Apostle Peter explains is beautiful to God.  Even so, I was curious as to how feminists would try to deny the obvious.  What I observed over the year as I continued to write about the topic is a continuation of strategy which first appeared in response to the topic.  When…

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