The psychopathy of AtheistKult

We have all encountered them. The men and women of ‘reason’. The self-appointed guardians and vanguards of materialist dogma along with their absolute faith and belief in official government and corporate press releases. The debunker, the hardcore skeptic—how they love to compulsively ridicule and mock all they deem ‘pseudoscience’ and ‘conspiracy theory’—while also declaring anyone who thinks outside the box or questions the prevailing orthodoxy, a “moron” and a “tard”. Matters not how solid the evidence you present them with is, nor how flimsy their own state-sanctioned ‘hard science’ which they smugly offer up as their rebuttal; they are driven by a messianic compulsion to root out unscientific ‘idiots’ with all the zeal and fanaticism similar to that of a Dominican or Jesuit charging through southern France in the twelfth century seeking out ‘heretics’ for the burning. Irony does not even come into their myopic worldview—unless of course a government, corporate or university press office states this. Then it becomes an undisputed fact. Thanks to the likes of Richard Dawkins and Christoper Hitchens, these Internet-bound warriors of rationality see ‘Creationists’ and ‘hidden Christians’ around every corner and seek to root them out and expose them as part and parcel of their own peculiar secular witch hunt mentality. ….

they’re always 100% mainstream in their individual opinions
Feminists hate anyone who fucks men, including other men


Pin them down on their own priors (Bayes’ style) and they go apeshit e.g. If you think all religions are evil, you must believe in the Devil, since there must be a source of evil and you must believe in both abstract pure goodness and innateness of good/evil for your anti-religion conception of evil to have any real meaning.
It’s like the religious equivalent of goths. “We’re too special for primary colours.”

2 responses to “The psychopathy of AtheistKult

  1. They carry themselves as intelligent and knowledgeable people but their ignorance is breathtaking. No, junior, reading rationalwiki does not make you an expert in philosophy, religion, biology or any other subject you fancy yourself an expert in. The loudest ones tend to be the most ignorant as well… kinda funny if you ask me.

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