Men overestimate their attractiveness

No, wait, that’s pretty much it.

uhuh hmm o really rlly doubt eyebrow flash lara croft

No woman reading this is surprised. We’ve all been approached by someone who was seriously about a 1-2 and thought he was a 9-10. “Insane confidence” just strikes us as “insane”.
And the PUAs wonder why their fail rate is so high (less than 5% success to approach, about the error rate by alarming coincidence)…. yes, there is a league, and odds are, you don’t qualify. Women are too polite to rank men to their faces or in the street (exception: black women) but we spend practically all of our time alone doing it – this is the reason the feminists invented the Bechdel test. We score you. Every little thing – about your physical appearance, mind. Just the physical. No more unfair than men doing it to us. We rank groups of men too, including friend groups.
Your grandmother lied to stop you from giving up: Looks matter.

Before I get the bitchy comments about male value being tied up in other things – you can’t see those other things from across a room quit dodging the issue. James Bond is always cast as a 10 despite all his other attributes, and I sincerely doubt any living man has more skills than him. Get plastic surgery if it bothers you that much.

Find out your true value here:

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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