Video: The Sheer Speed of Sexual Moral Decline

Too heavily weighted on the female side, as always with this topic. (Women being the carriers, it’s easier to blame women because they’re the obvious sinner and men are uncomfortable telling boys to control themselves).
Takes two to consent. Equal responsibility, maybe more on the male side since they tend to be the ones applying pressure. They believe they’re entitled to sex from female company, but you should only be having sex if you’re mature enough to raise children. The reproductive purpose of sex can never be denied or broken. Pleasure is not the evolutionary purpose.

There are two causes in my mind.

  1. The age of consent law is not applied. In practice, it no longer exists. Doctors ignore it. They should say no, you cannot consent, and actually increase the law since we’ve extended schooling until 18 (you cannot marry until then anyway and 16 was meant to be a temporary Victorian hedge against child prostitution).
  2. The teachers are lying to them. Schools have become brothels, grooming children in the ways of sexual pleasure (they have if you think about it). The teachers are filling their heads with this nonsense and aren’t held responsible, often huge sluts themselves, utterly miserable and wishing to inflict it on others. Narcissists despise seeing happy people. Increase the teaching standards and ban schools from discussing personal moral topics.

Video: When male feminists drop the mask of sanity


That’s it.

That’s what they’re really like.

Such progress, with the whorephobia and insulting an innocent woman to get at a man.

If you think they would never do this to a woman, you would be wrong.
I have experienced this in real life when I dare disagree with them, a man boy.

There are misogynists in the world, but most of them hide behind the label ‘male feminist’ like a boy hiding behind his Mother’s apron. They blow their top because there are women they can’t control or fool.

I’ve noticed they’re even cowards when doling out threats. Instead of laying claim to it “I want to/will X” they will make it passive and say something like “I hope X happens to you” so cancer is common, also being raped, or “You do X” like suicide to cover for the fact they want to murder you (subtle) or some projected self-loathing like “If you died, nobody would come to the funeral” – they like that one. I laugh at that because ‘if’, like yeah, we could die…. or we could choose not to.

Pointing out this passive-aggression is the source of all their lives’ problems goes over well. I usually make it clear their conceit (disagreeing with me is a capital crime) doesn’t match their averageness. They hate being reminded of their averageness.

My advice for redpill women out there?

There is only one thing you can do. Let them run. Let everyone watch what a disgusting person they are, as they threaten to rape you and torture you (in public) in ways no sane person could come up with on the fly, and maybe film it. For the police. Seriously. They can lash out. If they demand a response, mildly amused mastery in your voice at their “true misogyny” is the way to go. Poker face. It confuses them that you aren’t scared, they erotically get off on your fear.

I’ve seen feminist groups ostracize men on the basis of these performances against me. In disgust. They’re that bad.

Video: How to destroy the world

Stefan is knocking it outta the park recently. Highest quality redpill stuff.
Who turned him onto us? Anyone know?

wow omg likey

TLDW: Social engineers are child abusers.

In one word, it comes down to Legacy. The legacy is the future.

You either have one, or you don’t. You eat the cake, or you keep the cake.
But it doesn’t last forever. Never kick the pup because the pup grows up.
We are reaching that tipping point. I saw a comment, I think it was on Vox Day’s blog, pointing out that by recreating the conditions of Weimar Germany in every system, it’s predictable what would happen next. But neolibs don’t listen to history, they’re on the Right Side… *snicker*

I treat you as a sentient intelligent lifeform. Objections?

He’s right that the quality of men dropped before the quality of women. I feel the manosphere forgets there is another half to the equation. Post-WW, the few surviving men lived it up. Then the Sexual Revolution just happened on by shortly thereafter because women felt left out and wanted some of the attention. Men lost their motivation because sex is practically all they want from women and…. yup, that’s pretty much it. This causes the economy to tank eventually and we’ve been building up bubbles ever since (look at the time you went off the Gold Standard to cover for it, LOOK) because men buy most of the shit needed for a family from a position of surplus and women, while easier to sell to, must buy on credit.

The manosphere mocks women for saying “Where have all the good men gone“? Answer: They’re Peter Pans at home playing video games and watching porn, the Lost Boys, which hardly reflects well on men as they think it does, while all the time most of their discussions feature “Where have all the good women gone“? without a trace of self-awareness. Answer: Pump and dumps, pretty much. Not Asia. Not S. America. You chucked them, or some other guy did, and now they’re psychologically ruined by it.


Maternal instinct isn’t a myth. It’s much like paternal drive in men. Some have it, some have it strongly and some do not have it at all. Women are dumb enough to freely admit where they lie there, oblivious to how it affects their long-term value: are you pro-choice? They can only answer for themselves and only the women who state the rape/cancer exception are permissible.


Gold Standard in America: 1971. I’m sure that’s a maaaa-ssive coincidence.
UK: 1934. WW1 made us broke. However, we had similar problems:

The crisis was seen as a national humiliation.

The middle class Guardianista bubble is bursting

The parents, important paragraph, they’re called The Talking Class for a reason;

So the fault does not lie with the BBC, even if the corporation is undoubtedly biased. But neither is it a case that, as Birkett put it, one section of the audience simply likes to get ‘stuck in’. It is more fundamental. It would seem that the only people interested in these sorts of debates are the relentlessly involved, affluent, jabbering, middle-class liberals. Often working in the public or third sector. It is nigh on impossible to get them to shut up for a minute, so we can hear the views from the vast majority……………………..

It’s like when a Professor asked me about the low turnout at a protest and I quipped “everyone else was at work”.

This is the real turning point, however. The National Union of Students is Commie Central.

The spawn;

…Anyone who thinks universities should be sites of open and sometimes rowdy debate should welcome WSU’s climbdown as a strike for freedom and a blow against the stiff, prim, censorious misanthropes who govern 21st-century student life….

Temporary, they like money.
If we make them see they’ll lose money by alienating normal students it might get through.

Best comment;

If the students were smarter, most of them wouldn’t be burning all that cash at University.

The anti-genetic erasure of Boasian anthropology and Jewish academia

What baffles me about these facts (yes, it’s true) is that, once they are found out, the backlash will be far worse than being honest in the first place. As if we won’t notice they’re signing up for all these genetic studies as Jews, or how medical conditions just so happen to fit racial categories? Forensics???

this is awkward

Evidently, Jews aren’t smart as they think they are (we only believe so because 1. they keep saying it, Master Race Chosen People style and 2. Einstein is hero-worshipped like atheist Jesus despite being mostly a fiction, nature of celebrity, with accusations of plagiarism) and most of their IQ gain is culturally based, from bilingualism (verbal IQ). Like, oh, you say both IQ and race isn’t real but you go on about Jewish IQ?

Most of the problem in anthropology comes from the pushing of Out of Africa when all the proof points to Multi-Regional.

Orbitofrontal Cortex size and optimism/anxiety
Likely caused by plasticity. Hello processing networks, Mummy has missed you.
Hebbian densities and all.

Optimism, unlike realism, has more in common with delusion biologically. For the record, pessimism has more in common with depression (over-flagging) but studies have shown assessments by the depressed are in fact more realistic. Maybe realism = pessimism.

What sticks out to me in this study? Left. The left OFC only. 
Considering mood studies have drawn a strong distinction between frontal lobes, this could be indicative of something much bigger.
Now, the frontal lobe is often coding for suppression. People tend to think of it as the ‘good’ lobe but that’s not the case. If you’re being brainwashed, your frontal lobe is working overtime.
So, considering the role for optimism is in suppressing anxiety (hence the link) regardless of real or imagined cause, might this relate to r/K amygdala theories?
As in, might they have grown denser lOFC in response to repeated suppression of anxiety-causing stimuli?

These fearful patterns can only come from the temporal lobe, the amygdala in particular.

These are the questions.

I think Cpn Jack Sparrow was a Sigma, personally

I think of this whenever I see a mob baying for blood online

They aren’t a torch-wielding mob, they’re energy-saving human lamp posts!

Video: World Economic Crash (corruption, banking, stock markets)

I predicted at the beginning of this year (Jan 1 I believe) that it was going to be The Big One.
Various factors.
Demographics are #1.

I saw a sea change. A stirring I had not seen before, even among the urban elite. The elves frolicking in their iPhone wonderland were uneasy. Some asked me about the world, sought information, shared grievances and fears, I was asked questions I never knew had occurred to them before. I genuinely felt sorry for them, and helped as many as I could. They are now ex-Progressives. It can happen that good people are caught up in that, from University most of them told me, with silly intentions belonging to Boomer Professors.

On one hand, there is relief that something is happening. Confirmation of reality.
On the other, the unknown. I don’t know how Europe/the Occident will survive this. I don’t know the cost so I cannot morally, be happy. I don’t know the casualty. I don’t know if I’ll survive. Our way of life, my thede. I can’t vouch for the safety of distant friends, spaced all across the globe. This isn’t pleasant.

This “Blood Moon” tonight shows us just how small we really are. I don’t think there will be a collapse, per se, but a faster decay as we, as George Carlin put it, circle the drain.

I hope a better system is coming. It really reminds me of all the recent dystopias we’ve seen in fiction. Almost like priming for it? From Fight Club’s Project Mayhem to the FSociety of Mr Robot this very summer. They salivate over the prospect of this, of having our own personal tragedy in the history books and I don’t think that’s a healthy way to look at it. This isn’t a story, this is our lives. We cannot make certain that the future will be better than the past.

What if this is the end of the West?
Like a video game I feel like “this isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from here.”

It depends on the state of play and other unknowns. I do not have faith in a better future but I do hope for one. The Captain of the Titanic, Cpn Smith, said when told of the ship’s inevitable fate “Be British” and that’s what I’m going to do. Try to keep calm, serene if possible and come what may.

I won’t be dancing in the street wearing a dorky mask like a moron. Change is to be feared.

Muslims in Sweden gang raped little girl at public swimming pool birthday party

And other horror stories.

You probably don’t want to read this.

The police refused to make arrests.

They began by tearing off the girls swimming costumes. Public swimming pool.

These are not humans. These are savages.

h/t AC: