r/K mindsets in psychology – liberals more WEIRD than conservatives


Naturally they’re cliche, they must be mainstream and inoffensive or they get kicked out.

Five years and thousands of participants later, we just published the findings in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

We found that American liberals think even WEIRDer, even more unlike the rest of the world, than the average American conservative.

Yes, neolibs are in fact, the closed-minded, stupid bigots.

evil smirk cheeky cavill

It’s a cult.

True sarcastic comment from an r-type;

Haidt uses the second half of The Righteous Mind to explicate a bloated theory that liberals concern themselves with only two of these moral foundations, care and fairness, whereas conservatives are concerned with all five. Haidt sees this so-called difference in moral emphasis as the reason conservative arguments resonate so emotionally with the electorate.

The data showed that, yes. That’s why he said it. When you have enough data to write a book I’ll give a damn what you think.

5 responses to “r/K mindsets in psychology – liberals more WEIRD than conservatives

  1. Your use of the term “neolib” is confusing. “Neoliberal” is a term that currently is mainly used by lefties to refer to free market enthusiasts. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what you mean. Are you referring to “progressives”? If so, that would be a better term, since for the past hundred years or so, it has been consistently used (by themselves and others) to people who want society to “progress” towards socialism or communism of some sort.

    The Righteous Mind is a good book, but it consistently uses “liberal” where it should use “progressive”, which is an American habit, but misleading and has an unintentionally ironic effect at one point, when he writes the following:

    For example, do you agree that “the government should do more to advance the common good, even if that means limiting the freedom and choices of individuals”? If so, then you are probably a liberal. (pp. 352-353)

    How can it make sense to call someone a liberal if they think people’s liberty should be restricted?

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