What does it mean to be a gamer?


Not bullshit.

Interesting question. The easiest way is to look for internet humour which is a bit risque. Not game-specific memes, common misconception among the poseurs. You can’t fake internet humour, it takes years to become a nyan-thousand tier shitlord. They aren’t PC.

  1. Anyone using it for political point-scoring a la “I consider myself to be a gamer” is not.
  2. Anyone claiming the hipster “I was a gamer before it was cool” unless explicitly asked, is not.
  3. Anyone trying to turn a hobby into a lifestyle choice with appended status, is not.

It’s all about the game. Not the players.
I don’t play online anymore for example, because other people break my focus and the fucking lag, man. Fucking lag.

Also —

Mobile games don’t count.

Except maybe Snake.

Thus concludes our super-special snowflake outing.

2 responses to “What does it mean to be a gamer?

  1. I’ve been playing video games since I was like 2 years old. Now, the whole hobby has become politicized. The game was so gradual I never really noticed it. I noticed the odd article here and there about the evils of depicting rape in a video game or the need for more gay protagonists. Yet now, in hindsight, I can see a huge difference between the gaming industry of the early 2000s and the gaming industry of today. This desire to make video games “art” or to make a statement using video games needs to die.Like you said, focus on the games. I couldn’t care less about the politics of a game so long as the the is fun to play. But of course, then the SJW come along and tell us how we are doing it wrong. Bullshit!

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