Video: Owen Jones vs. Peter Hitchens

The first five seconds of conversation.


Sit down, son.

burn gif

Amygdala hijack, exhibit UK. He batted him down at the start, very subtle.

This was planned:

In Britain, that is almost certain to happen in London, and in the relatively near future. ‘At the moment ethnic minorities are about 40 per cent in London. The demographics show that white people in London will become a minority by 2010,’ said Jasper. ‘We could have a majority black Britain by the turn of the century.’

2 responses to “Video: Owen Jones vs. Peter Hitchens

  1. I don’t think you have made a very detailed argument.

    The young man opened the interview and the old man told him to be less enthusiastic. It did not seem malicious or indicative on enmity. I would not call it a “burn” in the sense of “insult.” Perhaps there is some subtle British social pecking order going on that I will never be able to see.

    At any rate, let us suppose that your diagnosis is correct and that was a “burn.” What is a “burn”? An insult? A sophisticated “amygdala hijack” intended to incapacitate the young man’s ability to debate?

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