Video: Tumblristas – Deadnaming

I love how they make up words for things that don’t matter.
It’s like First World Problems Pro.
The Pronoun Police have moved onto entire names!

You can’t erase your personal history. You can’t block out who you were born. That’s unhealthy.

You can call me nicknames from childhood, it doesn’t matter.
You can call me by my maiden name, it doesn’t matter.
It isn’t an act of violence. Wtf have they never been punched?

They probably should be.

Because a “dead” name is more triggering than a literal dead baby being cut up into pieces and sold for parts to the highest bidder like a butchery by Burke and Hare .

anyway moving on awkward 10 doctor what wut wtf

Top comments;

“Birth-name” is now “dead-name”? They’re figuratively aborting themselves.

I can’t wait until their true dead name is that on their tombstone.

deadnaming was originally for people who changed their name by law and was once never solely for the trans community to use to claim harassment from others.

Wait, what about second death? As in, you don’t die until your name is spoken for the last time?

So by saying the name, aren’t they keeping these people alive?


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