What’s missing from Sex Ed?


Duh. Of course.

Most of the feminists teaching hate marriage.
They think it’s a prison.
They have no idea how to navigate any of it. Not a bit.
It would change the required course e.g. don’t sleep around and lower your value.
It would discuss exchange and responsibility.
Families would become a good thing and the nuclear family health and success evidence assessed.

One place they are not likely to find evidence-based guidance is at school in sexuality education classes. This should give us pause since research shows that teen relationship history is linked to future romantic patterns.

Caused by.
A person is shaped by their personal history.
Cause. Effect.

Sex Ed is founded on the Pleasure Principle.

That’s why it screws kids up. Look at any metrics by age group, more reckless behaviour as time goes on. The classes encourage them. Here in the UK, we now have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe. MORE THAN SWEDEN. Thanks to the most far-left extreme Sex Ed saying that orgies are fine, morally. [I heard this because in principle, this promiscuous gay man said while sucking on a flavoured condom, it’s the same thing as one person at a time but with much shorter time between, don’t ask for more detail, please].

They always say “It’s about LOVE!”

Reject frame. “It’s about LUST!” Obviously.

Sex Ed based on marriage and children would be anti-feminist.

Another thing they’ll never allow is accurate information on fertility (female and male), from sperm quality to ovarian reserves and the obvious importance of epigenetics in a pregnant mother (e.g. no drinking, no smoking, act responsible for the child, you’re an adult).

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