Women have eyes too aka women are just as shallow as men


You could read those findings in reverse.

Regardless of the type of relationship sought, women had approximately the same majority memory for appearance.

The women in the fling group were correct about the man’s appearance 75% of the time, whilst women in the long-term group were right 70% of the time.

And didn’t really care what he thought or said.

The groups of women also differed in their memory for the man’s verbal statements. This time the tables were turned: women in the fling group scored on average of 64%, a score 4% lower than women in the long-term group.

So, when women are sizing a man up for a long-term relationship, they seem to pay more attention to his verbal statements. And when women are instead considering a chap for a one night stand, they memorize more facts about his appearance.

Hardly good news for PUA scripts.

Let’s see if you can decipher this.

So, how good were the women’s memories?

On average, the women correctly answered 73% of the questions about the man’s appearance, but only 66% of the questions about what he had said.

Physical attractiveness is just that, physical. Appearance was the thing most women remembered most. It isn’t based on additional information as is usually argued (status markers for example), which need not be provided to remember or add to what he looks like (a few seconds of observation).
Aka women are also shallow. Which means men don’t have a monopoly on the trait.

This difference is probably down to the fact that the man’s appearance was on screen for the whole three minutes, so women had more time to take in information about appearance than each of his verbal statements.

Probably – male writer, trying to keep the women special ideal.
In spite of the data pointing toward a clear, marked preference for raw physical attractiveness over anything else, it’s almost like he’s got the blinkers on.

lalalalala women aren’t shallow! 

Women have eyes.

Longer explanations: https://disenchantedscholar.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/women-care-about-looks-stop-deluding-yourselves-guys/

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