Video: Dear White people (of Black Lives Matter)

This whole thing is stupid. Not the video, the frame.

No, the same people who push abortion, don’t get to say ANY lives matter.
If a baby’s life doesn’t matter, a pure innocent in every way, certainly no adult does.
Typical Millennial scum refusing responsibility.

And it begs the question most people never ask: matter to whom?
To their parents?
No. Or they wouldn’t turn to crime. Ironically, the abortion spikes are the recognized reason in criminology that violent crime has gone down from what would be expected. I endorse r-type abortion for this reason, they have no maternal instinct whatsoever, why should we pay for their ‘mistake’.
To society?
No. White people in particular are often told society hates us, we are evil incarnate and we should stay away from everything. We don’t owe anything. We’re staying away, like you told us too. I’m sure black people don’t need white people to swoop in and solve their problems, that would be like, racism or something.
They’re collectivists, aren’t they? These “protesters”?
Are they saying they should matter: To all of us?
How the fuck does that work? (it doesn’t, or we aren’t free)
They’re adults. I don’t owe them sympathy, let alone something more.
They’re in the same boat as the rest of us. Get it together or fuck off. Why should I put my life ahead of yours, when I’ve followed the rules, the laws and done everything right, while you did the opposite and get rewarded for it?

I’m not playing, fam.ย 

Here’s the brutal truth: most people are unimportant.
Odds are, we won’t be special snowflakes. History will forget us.
Most Lives Don’t Matter.ย 

This is enforced at every level.
War. Poverty. Crime.
A life’s only objective value without proving its own worth, can be calculated by the sum total of your healthy organs viable for donation.
Your life has a dollar value.
Suck it up, buttercup.

10 responses to “Video: Dear White people (of Black Lives Matter)

  1. Then why are you sticking your long nose into America’s #BlackLivesMatter issues? Unless of course you are agreeing that Europe is the same hateful racist nation as their ancestors who fled to America centuries ago to get away from the tyranny their own people was putting upon them!

    • People beyond America take an interest in the world. I know that may come as a shock because America is only interested in itself. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Actually, they ran out of firewood and there were religious wars, but I wouldn’t expect an American to know real history.

      • That’s the thing sweetheart, no one cares about European news in America because Americans are sick of the news Europeans are already perpetrating in America. By the fact that you agree that you have an interest proves that you have always stuck your dipstick where it didn’t belong! Americans don’t want the interference of the Europeans here, they certainly don’t want Europeans in Europe interferring again in American affairs, that’s how Indian country got into the mess they are in now! So mind your own business, if you were perfect you wouldn’t be having the problems you are having right now, miss congeniality!

      • That would be a question for Government, you need to redirect to The Secretary of State. You will be in a war of your own soon enough, don’t worry about others, again focus on your own business.

      • Ok, you are immature, you still can’t live where you are without worrying about someone else and somewhere else; typical European behavior, the curse on the world!

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