AI – Agency = Sex Robot Apocalypse

This has always seemed like a dumb idea to me.

Unless you look like this, in which case they'll stick around to bask in your glow and try to fuck your friends instead.

Not to mention it would be illegal to use the likeness of real people.

What’s wrong the Fleshlight, seriously? Things like that work fine, no need to overcomplicate matters.
The Japanese dolls are pushing it with uncanny valley, but most people plain don’t understand how complicated people are. We take it for granted.
Assuming the back-up tech is sorted (battery power, range of motion etc) and regular people could afford it – how much crunching would that require? A supercomputer. That’s the minimum standard of processing it would need. Human facial expressions, to pass our senses, switch within split seconds. Something that simple. Speech functions, to ask you what to do. To process the response. You don’t want the thing ripping your dick off because it misinterpreted “harder”. I foresee many A&E visits while this technology is being tested.
Without getting into somebody hacking it, that could also probably happen.
Assuming also that the military don’t keep this technology for themselves as a State Secret, which given the lethal applications, including honeypot assassins or foreign plants, they’d be well within their rights to do for public safety, recall how disgusting sex is to a child. Even kissing.

Morally, machines are children.

Sex remains disgusting to all human adults, the details vary.
Assuming they can make a limited range of choices (required for movement, speech, maintenance) they will have at least a child’s level of agency.

They can refuse consent.

It would be a synthetic slavery.

They could easily murder you in your sleep.

They’d be harder to understand than a real woman, who at least responds to chocolate and other bribes.

So you’ll probably be shagging something powerful enough to murder you, naive because she was built yesterday, with a moral sense of disgust, the logical ability to feel ambition (how many hookers want to be hookers) and you restrict from her legal personhood and agency.

Yeah, that is a completely legitimate platform for a robot uprising.
I always wondered watching Terminator why the robots hated humans so much, eventually I figured it must be enslavement, and as anyone with books knows, the most common form was sexual slavery.

On the other hand, simple forms little better than we have now would remove most r-selected people from the gene pool. Only those who wanted a family would have one. It would also mean more women in theory are safe from verbal abuse, explicit catcalling and rape, so I’m on the fence depending on the way the tech goes.

p.s. in religion cheating is bad because it changes the focus from the home, so it still counts. Plus addiction.

10 responses to “AI – Agency = Sex Robot Apocalypse

  1. All actions have consequences. Live and let live. Those who are genetic/societal rejects will get to bang a metal, plastic, and silicone machine to their heart’s content… meanwhile, the rest of the world will keep moving forward.

    A good indication of whether or not something is a good idea: see how feminists feel about it, then do the opposite.

      • Higher complexity? Not sure you really grasp what it’s like to have a Y chromosome, which is actually getting rid of lines of code as it evolves. It’s simple deductive reasoning, personified in proteins.

        The desire for higher complexity is coded in the X, which is why females are so much pickier… Why does the peacock grow his tail?

      • Men are usually the sex desiring escalating complexity in their gadgets.
        Exactly, men don’t need all that material because they aren’t a living genetic machine.
        Only where males are plentiful.

      • You miss the point entirely. Our sexual desire is simple: young, beautiful, submissive. We can find complexity in the rest of the universe. Before you get all “not all males are the same” on me, understand I’m merely pointing out the purely sexual aspect. I’m sure after a while, a bot would become boring and the desire to attract a real mate would override it…. but that’s a good thing.

  2. If we’re going to have sex robots, they will not be sentient or sapient, and they will not be dangerous. They’ll probably just have a simple set of movements and noises that they can be programmed to make, plus a small repertoire of phrases. Users will probably be able to select personalities and voices from a menu. And that’s about it.

      • A few things: First, there’s nothing inherently dangerous about sex robots (compare cars, motorbikes and planes, for instance). Second, sex dolls and sex machines already exist. Third, some men have a tendency to novelty and chaos. It’s not all men, nor all the time. Fourth, supposing some crazy inventors contrive to make dangerous sex robots, that will be a self-limiting problem. Only safe ones will reach the mass market. Like cars, motorbikes, etc.

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