“Women are crazy” – why

I could easily take the low road and say hormones but men have monthly hormone cycles too.
There is no character flaw found exclusively in women, either.

I looooooove being right, with appropriate datasets ofc

Short-term and long-term goals vary. Ideally, both sexes want the best of both worlds. We call those people who try that in practice, dumb. You cannot change a short-term prospect into long-term or vice versa because the criteria of the person chosen are mutually exclusive.

Getting to the point.
What possible reasons could rest behind the “women are crazy” complaints?

  1. you pick the crazy unstable ones because you confuse their bipolarity with a blend of the short-term and long-term ideal traits you seek, you’re a crazy magnet. Verdict: your fault.
  2. you pick a woman from one category and try to force her into your perfect mold (note: this never works). The conflicts within a character in spite of sincere effort (not the usual healthy resistance), causes internal frustration and when this eventually spills over it seems crazy to an observer. She’s trying to be Perfect and discovers it is impossible. Verdict: your fault.
  3. ‘crazy’ (low-quality) women pick you because you prey on their insecurities. Verdict: your fault.
  4. crazy women pick you to prey on you (highly unlikely unless you are rich or famous). Verdict: her fault.
  5. you dump or don’t approach ‘boring’ women, there is a lack of attraction to stability. Verdict: your fault.
  6. you expect a woman to be a man (relatively common) and reality disappoints. You blame this on the woman (why can’t she ___ like me?) Verdict: your fault.

Notice a pattern?

When a man complains about women, he is not complaining about all women. The NAWALT crowd understand this. He is insulting the calibre of women that he is attracted to and that, crucially, are attracted to him. He’s trying to brag about the low quality women after him, believing their number outweighs their flaw.

It’s true – The only common factor in all your failed relationships, is you.

That’s why people humour the complaint. It’s funny. It’s really, really funny.

Aaaaah feel that, savour that? It's being rightthis face

Because it’s usually followed up by a sincere complaint that too many women are attracted to him.
Meanwhile, anyone with a brain listening will think “not the good ones” and maybe laugh politely and move the subject on.

If there is a problem with your romantic life, as with your professional life, that is your problem. You can’t find a job? It doesn’t mean there are no ‘good’ jobs. It means you can’t get one. Address the real problem instead of stroking your… ego.

You might say, if you’re a spoiled brat, “women don’t have this problem”. Au contraire, M.
As the more selective sex, we have this problem more often. We simply give it a different name, many names, because we’re verbally effusive. The adjectives vary: men as unreliable, stupid, shallow, but the points above could also be applied with the sexes reversed. Especially that last one. Where we expect them to act like our own sex because that worldview seems ‘right’.

And you might say, if the brat is still reading, “it’s different with women”. Actually I agree.
It’s worse.

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”

I know which boat I’d rather be in.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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