The anti-genetic erasure of Boasian anthropology and Jewish academia

What baffles me about these facts (yes, it’s true) is that, once they are found out, the backlash will be far worse than being honest in the first place. As if we won’t notice they’re signing up for all these genetic studies as Jews, or how medical conditions just so happen to fit racial categories? Forensics???

this is awkward

Evidently, Jews aren’t smart as they think they are (we only believe so because 1. they keep saying it, Master Race Chosen People style and 2. Einstein is hero-worshipped like atheist Jesus despite being mostly a fiction, nature of celebrity, with accusations of plagiarism) and most of their IQ gain is culturally based, from bilingualism (verbal IQ). Like, oh, you say both IQ and race isn’t real but you go on about Jewish IQ?

Most of the problem in anthropology comes from the pushing of Out of Africa when all the proof points to Multi-Regional.

2 responses to “The anti-genetic erasure of Boasian anthropology and Jewish academia

  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:

    Knowing both your own language and that of the other, while the other knows only his own, makes you invincible. Rothschild needed only Frankfurter Yiddish to make his letters completely unintelligible for the Gentiles.

    Therefore, learn the right languages!!!

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