The Don Juan Complex

Complex of Don Juan
Complex derives from constant personal frustrations incurred in intimate relations with women. Sad love story with a broken-heart-end or sexual traumatic experience might also be in the roots of this masculine complex.
Complex`s manifestations vary from case to case, whereas, common aspects are the following:
– Psychological perception of a woman as a source of pleasure, which can and should bring satisfaction to a man;
– Ignorance about women;
– Easy-going and superficial attitude towards all women without exception;
– Tendency to change the intimate partners frequently, without concentration on someone in particular;
– Dramatization of the relations with women, e.i. leaving without saying ‘good-bye’ etc.;
– Habit to live at woman`s cost;
– Incapacity to truly love a woman and to build the long-term and stable relations with her.
Unfortunately, such people are not capable to create a family, and in a case when the person aims at changing his life, the psychoanalysis and personal-relations therapy shall be applied.


The men who like drama so much they go around sowing it.

Bet that burns, being shown up as a greedy little bitch by a white middle class man

Which group does this remind me of? Answers on a postcard.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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