Video: The future of MGTOW – and feminism

You might recognize one of the names.

A beautiful outcome of these acceptance movements is that they will devour themselves from the inside.

You can see by the amount of hate it’s touched a raw nerve.
Clarification on my part: MGTOW is a good idea. You go do you.
Using MGTOW as an excuse to do other things, bad things, with a veneer of acceptability? No.

He’s getting flak for saying toxic masculinity/femininity. I agree it buys into their frame.
It’s actually sadism. Sadism isn’t about pleasure or pain. It’s about power. They feel powerless in their own lives (from laziness, apathy or imagined oppression) and feel a compulsive urge to dominate another against their will. This manifests as pain, because no sane living organism would consent to this; it is a clear, loud signal of feedback. The pain inflicted becomes a method, a means of proving their personal power to themselves and from this, from this they gain pleasure. On the hedonic treadmill this occurs, their self-doubt creeps in regularly, it never ends and they devolve into acts of unspeakable cruelty we read about in tabloids. This is why they go off into the realms of fantasy when prevented by circumstance from acting on this impulse. It’s escapism for them. They enjoy it. They enjoy the freedom of it, the freedom from themselves and their self-doubt. They turn their lowly position into a fetish, a chance for a dopamine hit of self-medication, by finding something they can devalue as lower than themselves still. This choice makes them evil. It’s the cycle of abuse.
For these reasons, most sadists are also narcissists, but not all. It’s very co-morbid as one is defect and the other a patch.

Interesting comments;

Remember the Che Guevara T shirts? Remember the “Anarchy” stickers, buttons, and patches? …Some men see MGTOW like it’s being sold at Hot Topic. That’s not MGTOW, son.

Oh oh Aurini, watch out for the MGTOW cultists “We’re about going on own way while declaring to the world that we’re going our own way.” DERP! It shows how emasculated the West is, they celebrate normal man behavior (Focusing only on your own ambitions.) as if it were a political movement or philosophical enlightenment. Men pre 2k10 era have always went our own way. We were just manly about it and did it without nagging like a little bitch. That’s what annoys me about MGTOW, they nag too damn much.

Male virgins use MGTOW to justify their lack of confidence, and Male whores use MGTOW to justify their fear of commitment.

lmao all dem dislikes. True af though. MGTOW degenerate af

So true. Such a weird, bitchy, reactionary, condescending vibe coming from most of them. Ironically they’re such sheep to so few perspectives and opinions, despite “going their own way”. Not to mention the embarrassing acronym label…

I use to be a hard red pill mgtow’er for 5 years but recently a lot of mgtow channels I have unsubbed from for many reasons. Either they keep repeating themselves, the content is boring, the negativity is too high, or too much cursing with any real insight. Its why I love your video’s. Even if its a different perspective, you still have something fresh and new to offer each time. I have yet to see 1 of your video’s that just was on “repeat”. A sad thing about people, not just mgtow, is inless your on “their” side, your difference of opinion is just considered a attack that must be repelled. They can’t just enjoy it for what it is.

They don’t act as badly when speaking to men, so to the men saying “I haven’t seen that” – read the responses to women on these threads. They flip out like male feminists.

Most of the fake MGTOW identified are trying “strawman!”

I don’t see how pointing out manipulation within a positive group for personal, vindictive ends is a strawman. A strawman would be claiming that minority group is the majority and representative of its ideals, surely. This is the inverse.

It could be black ops;

infiltration and subversion. What, you didn’t think MGTOW wouldn’t eventually get Poe’d as it becomes more an more common, and more and more men become aware of the movement?

But I doubt it, as I told Aurini. These newcomers have a strange logic to them (false but still) and want to dominate. They are unaware of canonical works, which could be excused but seem to go off on rants along the lines of a Matriarchy keeping them down. The Woman is against them. Like, it’s pointless to try and strive and even live in this time period. While saying they’re part of a self-improvement movement……… right…….

why are you even here damon ian wtf

Is it bad to say that I agree with what you’re saying here despite me not being a fan of yours?

It’s a trend toward bitterness. It can be reversed, but I don’t know how and I’m not MGTOW ofc.
I was simply asking if he saw the trend too. If he had said no, I’d have dropped it and considered it part of the movement’s natural evolution, none of my business, and stepped back from the subject.

2 responses to “Video: The future of MGTOW – and feminism

  1. I knew MGTOW was done back in 2011 when Stardusk said that women would soon be replaced by sexbots and that it was a good thing for women to be placed in a genocide. Today, IIRC, he is ‘TheThinkingApe’.

    Aurini has his own problems. The whole fiasco with him and Jordan Owen, as well as his horrible short film, AND the whole ‘IKnowAllTheKeyboardShortcuts’ stunt, made me lose respect for him. IMHO he should’ve stuck with poking sticks at Elizer Yudkowsky, because that asshole loves the homicidal AI for some reason.

    These guys are often liberals in disguise. I’ve been accused of being a feminist by them just for disagreeing. They’re both sides of the same coin, and the currency is worthless.

    • Yes, I encountered that same claim as part of their twisted logic, despite how artificial sperm already exist and also how they salivate over women being vulnerable and even raped during the coming collapse.
      Oh, EY. I forgot about him. Wasn’t he the dude that was, like, totally wrong on AI? He works in a related field and every time I read his Aspie opinions on the nature of intelligence it gave me a good laugh.
      What’s this about shortcuts?

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