Video: Peeple: The worst kind of people

He uses the same article I did. Maybe he saw:

I thought of some new flaws;

  • Name changes/deadnaming
  • Domestic abuse victims in hiding
  • Witness protection programmes
  • People writing a review, then editing it later when you break up
  • Misquoting, dissembling, twisting
  • Children. Anything about children.
  • Suicides from low ratings
  • Copyright issues
  • People buying positive reviews (rich kids)
  • NDAs and other legal blocks
  • Corporate espionage
  • Blackmail material
  • Gossip material
  • Mobs
  • Making it political (you know they will)
  • Monstering by dragging down the average with neutral reviews, calling someone boring can be worse than calling them awful
  • Chatlogs, other ‘proofs’
  • Organised crime syndicates using it to find the families of undercover cops

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘private funding’ came right from the NSA coffers.
Why do these people want all your data, to build a database on you, more detailed than a police one, but they don’t want you to know who they are? Oh sure, they get privacy.

They have no authority – unless you give them it.

It isn’t fun. You’re spying on yourself. You’re playing informant on everyone you know like it’s a game.

This could be a very good thing, because when these cases go to court, it might become illegal to slander a person in the manner SJWs are accustomed to, unchallenged. So calling somebody a bigoted -phobic Nazi or something might become illegal. We could give them the rope to hang themselves with.

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