Video: Conservatism is the new counter-culture

I wish he’d said Cultural Marxism, name the beast and like a demon, you have control of it.
And it’s status signalling, that’s the research term. Virtue signalling was a journalist invention.
Nor does he mention it’s a means for middle class people to judge working class people without looking like raging bigots (because people with a real job don’t give a shit what the Guardian thinks). The culture war is a class war designed to change the poor via pop culture.

They keep losing arguments.

It doesn’t sink in.

They keep losing elections.

It doesn’t sink in.

I think the anti-speech laws were a turning point here (UK).
The classical liberals realized they were on the side of the censors.

Two key articles on this topic if you haven’t seen:

New Church Ladies

Stepford Students

Adults are putting their foot down to entitled little shits and saying you have no high horse. We reject Standpoint Theory. We have the right to laugh at your student opinions. You can’t control us.

2 responses to “Video: Conservatism is the new counter-culture

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  2. I agree with what Paul Joseph Watson is saying here. I utterly reject the social justice warrior PC culture nonsense. At the same time there is still such a thing as actual racism and white supremacy and some of the things he and Alex Jones say about Muslims and Western civilization and preserving the blonde blue eyed race crosses a line for me. I of course agree with their right to say their piece, I just can’t support what they’re about. I feel like this alt-right with Milo and Paul Joseph Watson is the polar opposite of PC social justice warriors to the point where they are surprisingly similar and equally tedious. The left traditionally strived for racial harmony and class struggle while the right seeked class harmony and racial struggle. Now both are about racial struggle and whaddyouknow unions are almost nonexistent and the working class is getting completely screwed.

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