Link: Comics and the dismal economics of Gamergate

Yeah we all know it’s a loss leader for good PR, they haven’t realized the SJWs hate them yet. #SJWsAlwaysLie These people hate adventure and don’t have kids (no park visits).

I think it matters for cultural reasons but I’ve never seen it as a long-term trend for economic reasons, they will run of novelty and niches, like the X-men ran out of cool powers. How many non-White comic fans v. White? Exactly. It’s a stereo-typically White male thing for good reason. It’s a rare outlet. It’s the principle, dammit.

It's like going through the stages of grief for a world that only existed in our dreams

Pop culture is supposed to serve the market, not politics. We’ve grown up with these stories and instead of killing the characters, they’re slowly torturing them beyond recognition while using the brand name *side-eye to James Bond* until it becomes a hollow cashgrab that insults the customer.

JUST WALK AWAY IT crowd leave go now run away

The SJWs want it, it has strategic import, which means we must defend it. Video games and SFF/comics are the last artforms they haven’t fully infected, and if you want to read or play the equivalent of a crucifix in a barbwire jar of urine, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s about preserving the spirit of gaming and fun from the Fun Police for future generations, it’s about stepping up, foot down in the Culture War. Most of their ire comes from the fact that white normal boys still have role models to look up to, they hate the fact the White Man is the Good Guy. I’ve written about Superman as the poster-child of this phenomenon before.

haters gonna hate lol iron man tony stark

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