Video: Muslim immigrants demanding sex now (what religion?)

I wanna heave.

Everytime I see genetics and brain studies

It’ll be like that GOT meme: Too old. Too old. Too old.
They’ll be wanting a virgin each time, I suppose. We’ll literally be expected to sacrifice virgins to these slime. This is what happens when you apply any sort of entitlement to sex, it becomes a demand at the expense of others. Like a girl is simply disposable as a razor.


The magical disappearing religion. Schrodinger’s pre-marital sex. Allah can’t see when it’s White Meat apparently. We’re supposed to give up our little girls for a monstrous voracious satyr because he asked us nicely, because he doesn’t believe in consent, condoms or that women are people too. Blue balls are actually pelvic congestion, both sexes get that and it resolves itself in your sleep, fucking taqiyya filth.

“Make sex with anyone – or anything.”

Then fuck off in the direction of where you came from and marry one of your own women, Europe isn’t your brothel.

i hope you fucking choke love heartbreak

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