Link: The pain of transgender regret

According to their theories, these people should be impossible. They shouldn’t exist. In fact, Patient Zero, David Reimer, regretted it so badly that despite a loving family, he killed himself. It got too much. They need support. The doctor who pushed this theory also abused him, believing ‘sex play’ is good for children – yet for some reason he felt the need to supervise, order certain positions and take photos. That’s the type of people we’re dealing with. They’re allowed near children’s genitals thanks to this lobbying.

MercatorNet: You have been very harshly criticised for your “transphobia” in the media. Does that trouble you?

Walt Heyer: Name calling is hardly a good argument. When people call me names it says much more about them than it does me. The goal of the activists is to silence anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

MercatorNet: Why don’t we hear much about people who have “detransitioned”, like yourself?

Walt Heyer: There is an important reason. They are so ashamed and devastated about their mistake that they do not want to come forward.

It’s brave to admit you ruined your life.

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