Link: 6-pack abs and Men’s Health

To be short, women tend to think you’re overcompensating for something.

Usually, penile or a major character defect. As in, dealbreaker ‘he’s a terrible, terrible person’ sort of thing.

There’s a big difference between looking fit and being fit and most women prefer the latter. Abs are such a synthetic thing, cavemen didn’t have them, building and maintaining them is like an entire other job, and we see that as less time for us.

There are some people who use health to let their inner crazy out too. Nobody wants to date the crazy. Eventually, they’ll hit the Hard Limits of their body, or blow past their Natural Weight, and have a nervous breakdown. They can spiral totally the other way and become obese. The veiny guys are a red flag for this. No woman likes Veiny Guy.

They often eat their feelings, and losing fat is seen as an almost religious process where they’re cleansing their former sins or killing the parts of them they hate. That sounds….. normal…..

Most women prefer lightly muscled. It’s the promise that a man could carry you across a threshold or help carry groceries, without the high maintenance.

I don’t want to discourage men from doing this if they want, BUT they should critically assess why they want to do it (because they really want to or because they think it will have an impact on women).

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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