Video: Knife Attack – spot the r types, spot the Ks

I would’ve booked it out of there when he did the pocket shuffle trying to cross the road, about 2 minutes in. You back away from that type and don’t break the visual until you turn a corner, then sprint. Zig zag across the street if you have to.

They do this…. it’s hard to explain but it’s like an angsty teen as the emotion builds up, the tension and they’re building up to lash out. Pockets = weapons.

They seem to think merely holding a gun is like an impenetrable defensive shield and how dare anyone consider violating their personal space. In a woman, that’s the sort of attitude that makes it easier for the rapist, since you don’t take real defensive measures.

That cameraman though.

what wut wtf shock surprise slow turn eh littlefinger pause got

Dude. No.

2 responses to “Video: Knife Attack – spot the r types, spot the Ks

  1. I just had this argument with an idiot from Canada who thinks American cops are “Trigger happy” because of some unsourced claim about a mentally ill man with a knife.


    You aim center of mass, and you keep firing until they’re down. Anything else is recklessly irresponsible, and will get people killed.

    Also note: the cops cornered him. Stupid. Gun out, yelling, “Get down, get down!” but DON’T corner him. Maintain a firm but loose tactical control of the situation. They were squeezing him (as the reviewer noted, it was “macho”), which resulted in him reacting and guiding the dance. If they’d kept in an L-shaped ambush formation, allowing him a predictable means of escape, he would have been more obedient; he would have been thinking more rationally.

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