Video: Laughable predictions about human appearance in 1000 years

It’s based on global warming.

drinking archer ok then pout bitchy done

I want a future full of Archers. Make it happen, science.

Look at the stellar journalism as Ashitha Nagesh of The Metro encourages species-wide genocide for…. practically no reason. It’s called sun block, bitch. Also: Species-wide genocide sounds like a band name.

To get this out of the way;

Milk thing – agriculture, you can train the body to tolerate.

Height – nutrition thanks to the Industrial Revolution.

Extended lifespan – medicine, especially heart medications.

Moore’s Law cannot be falsified. Computational advancements do not occur on a linear scale.

No mention of choice in any of this? Sounds like a dystopia.

I hate these nanobot examples. That isn’t how space works. Conservation of mass. Also, these advancements presume the economy won’t tank……. so…… you know……

Language constriction is true.

Wait wait wait, this video makes out race (as they see it, skin) is evolved. Which means it’s biological right? It’s real? Shh, allow the doublethink to sink in…. and no benefits of fairer tones are mentioned (like Vitamin D and bone health).

Taller thinner bodies have a lot of health problems. No. Humans are pretty much maxed out without GE at this point.

Opposite example: What if the climate returns to pre-Ice Age? Should the Brave New World only consist of short, fat white people? That seems offensive for some reason, doesn’t it?

X-men? Really? Unique abilities? Really?

I’m a tetrachromat with a funky eye colour and I find this ridiculous.

Isn’t artificial selection eugenics? Shhh…. let the doublethink wash over you….

WTF is a ‘desirable’ trait anyway?

YET – Human BioDiversity is called superior…….. rendering this entire argument futile.

Hawking is wrong. Space doesn’t like us. How many living things aside from us do you see in space? Space is hostile.

oh no oh dear hides facepalm double

The brain scanner? The brain scanner. You had to mention the stupidest thought experiment in all of neuroscience. 1. It is no longer a brain. Your brain aka You is dead. Materialists agree. 2. Something is always lost in scanning, think of a TV reception. 3. Do you want to be in a jar? No limbs, no movement. This would be a fate more limited than that. You first.

~ picks up brain jar and casually drops it in acid~ Woops. I guess that would never happen, huh? On a timeline of forever.

What if the brain cannot be condensed to information? What if it is ineffable? That’s right – you die. Get over it. We have machines that pass Turing Test now. We don’t consider them human. It would be like the Matrix except the machines are people too. That’s messed up. The world would eventually be over-run with drives of data, some of which get corrupted or lost or wiped for a more valuable person to have. Humans would need to exist to maintain these, and the power over the hardware would be God-like. What are the odds someone in the future plain won’t like you?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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