Alphonse de Lamartine

When I was young and proud and opened my wings,
The wings of my soul to all the winds of the sea,
Sails carried my thoughts with them,
And my dreams floated over all the bitter waves.

I saw in this haze where the horizon drowns
All verdant vines and jasmine appearing,
Continents of life and islands of joy
Where fame and love came by to take my hand.

I envied every ship that blanched the foam,
Happily aspiring to the unknown coast,
And now, seated at the shore of the smoking cape,
I have crossed those waves and returned.

And I still love those seas that I so loved before,
No longer as the scene of my cherished dreams
But like a fertile death where my wings were sown,
Showing fragments of me everywhere.

This reef broke me, this shore proved fatal
My fortune foundered in that calm deceit;
The lightning fell upon me here from the celestial bow
And each of those waves turns my heart a little.



Link: Come to the dark side

Anyone who says “Thou shalt not research this thing” should be booted out of all social circles.

Especially when it’s as vital to our metaphysical, ontological being as evolution.

Panicked arguments that the exploration of genetics will cause neo-Hitler to rise again are themselves the enemies of clear thought on these issues. It also lends credence to people who would actually like a neo-Hitler to pop up again, just because of the hysterical attempts to suppress the publication of simple truths. By discrediting sober-minded and prestigious scientists in an attempt to buttress stupid and wasteful political doctrines, the Responsible People have given credence to fringe figures who are willing to be public enemies.

Godwin’s Law. They should be laughed out of academia for seriously invoking Sky is falling! Hitler is returning!

Genetics have always been a part of us, we can no more deny it than heliocentrism with satellites.

Video: R-type philandering scum

The initial tweet about women was true. Men don’t respect a woman’s right to say No. They respect the right of another man (the boyfriend) to say No. And punch them. This illustrates why pick-up is gaining a substantial backlash. We’re sick of it. You wouldn’t solicit hookers in the street the way they do regular women.

Consent is considered the only sexual morality in the postmodern times. Y/N?

No disgust foreseeable.

We can say No. We can say I don’t want to. These scum persist. We can tell them to fuck off, and then they try and gaslight us for causing that response. They don’t see women as fully human. At least with less agency than a man.

The worst part is when they try to call themselves ‘philosophers’ when they’re actually desperate losers pumped full of contempt and rationalizations. Morons fall for it.

This is how they think. They have no standards, there is no quality about them. They are not men, manboys at best, fuckboys and douchebags. Snivelling little cowards who stand for nothing. They are the manwhores and deadbeat dads.

They aren’t even loyal to their fellow men, let alone women. This is why Patriarchs and Patriarchy hate them. This is why cads are driven out of such societies and murdered. Men think it’s men vs. women. It isn’t. It’s r/K.

Listen closely for such honesty and you hear it pop up everywhere,

feminism and the manosphere have made us falsely believe the sexes are opposed, it’s a false flag to cover their sexual strategy of promiscuity

because when conservative men and conservative women aligned, they were unstoppable.

The moral vacuums self-identify;

“R-type scum” lol @ alpha male shaming

As MW says;

I was not shaming alpha males; you have completely re-framed this for your own benefit. If your idea of an “alpha male” is a guy who fucks other men’s women, you belong in the jungle.

oh damn wow ah

Alpha males get and keep the best women.

Except a woman has a right to own herself, surely? A right to turn down any man for any reason, including none (as does a man)? If they respect our ability to say Yes, to consent, as valid, then logically that requires respect of consent to say No. Yet they hold one up and deny the other. Like a brat with a begging bowl following their mother around going please please please until she gives in. It’s pathetic. Being horny isn’t something to be proud of, cut the porn and get a hobby.

‘Notches’ count for nothing in a society of free sex. They are not masculine. They are not even virile. The only reason people used to look up to Zeus sexually, was that he produced a child with every woman he did. Most fertility gods were women. By the same logic, women should sleep around and be hailed for it. Historically, this happened rather often.

An interesting story from around this time is when Severus’ wife, Julia Domna, criticised the sexual morals of the Caledonian women, the wife of Caledonian chief Argentocoxos replied: “We fulfill the demands of nature in a much better way than do you Roman women; for we consort openly with the best men, whereas you let yourselves be debauched in secret by the vilest”

They are trying to use an evolutionary frame to excuse their lack of self control. Chimps have sexual self control. That argument doesn’t work. If you have the legal right to consent, you have the legal ability to decline. As do women. They expect everyone is horny and desperate as they, they are ‘normal’, and that’s how rape happens, with the constant defense “she wanted it”. Does the word No cease to have meaning? They want to sleep with women who tell them No. That makes them scum.

Moral cowardice. A defect of the masculine. They are not men. They are amoral sociopaths, using people. They are complicit and they are responsible for their choices. Bring on the collapse.

They argue from ignorance, if you don’t know the evil details it’s okay!, the sex acts themselves can’t be wrong to them, no sex isn’t a conceivable option to them. Shutting their legs is unthinkable. This is how you discover an r-type. No restraint. No prudence. No consequences. 

It comes down to this —

They have no honour.

They deserve no respect.

They must be shunned or punished.

Government stops subsidizing Buy to Let parasites

It’s an investment. You take on the risk.

They don’t cushion others either.

These socialists (in heart) fail to mention that they aren’t contributing any value to the worker, they want to be the Middle Man, sponging.

Having a house and rent-fixing shouldn’t be an occupation. Pay your fair share, Boomer Guardian readers! (the largest BTLers)

The Government has dealt a second body-blow to private landlords in six months with the announcement that from April 1 next year the stamp duty payable by investors will be thousands of pounds higher.

Landlords declared the change “catastrophic”.

You can’t afford it.

Gravy train has stopped. You’re stifling the property market. They believe they deserve sympathy.

Phil Stewardson aims to buy a property every fortnight.

In 2015 he spent £3.5m on 30 properties, mainly in the West Midlands and Lancashire. “If I spent the same again this year I estimate I’d pay between £70,000 and £100,000 more on stamp duty thanks to this change,” he said.

And he’s whining about money?

The Stewardsons own 150 properties in total, but their accountants reckon they will still be treated as private landlords, rather than institutional investors, for stamp duty purposes.

This is because the exemption is likely to favour either developers that build properties or fund managers who invest on behalf of a wide range of shareholders or institutions.

People that add value? Perish the thought.

Little Piggy on the wall.

“Landlords won’t accept this,” Mr Stewardson said. “Initially they will behave like all businesses and try to pass on increased costs to tenants through higher rents. But many will give notice to tenants and sell up.”

That’s the point.

“The small perk some landlords overlooked in their initial shock at the announcement is that stamp duty paid on the purchase of buy-to-lets can be deducted from the taxable gains made when the property is ultimately sold.”

Oh they noticed but they are parasites. All they wanna do is suck.

Why give up their host?

This comment;

I have no idea how many other people reading this thread have a business outside of BTL. But I am sure you have the same problems as me in that we are heavily regulated, inspection every year, if new regulations and costs come into effect we just get on with it and absorb it best we can.. ITS CALLED RUNNING A BUSINESS!!..

I have never heard such a bunch of cry baby’s as these BTL lot, they have had it their own way for far too long now. They pretend to run a business and yet expect Government to handle every little issue for them, pathetic.

Another person who can do maths;

Institutional money has no interest whatsoever in residential property at these price levels. They’re not interested in build to rent and they are certainly not interested in buying a bunch of unloved ex-BTL properties sprinkled here and there.

This present delusion amongst BTL investors that they are going to be able to sell on to institutional money when they exit without taking a loss doesn’t stack up. …

They are going to sell at a loss.

At the House of Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee in March 2015, not for the first time, Carney referred to BTL as an “investor market” and noted how at the Bank of England they distinguish between the owner-occupier mortgage market and the BTL mortgage market.

To call BTL an investor market is to make clear that the participants in the market are assumed to be big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves. Investment in the hope of a capital gain always involves running the risk of a capital loss.

…A borrow-to-let speculator will be a landlord too, but not all landlords are borrow-to-let speculators….

BTL is now closing in on representing fully 20% of all outstanding mortgages. It’s not just a few harmless dabblers. It is becoming a 500 lb gorilla that eats rent and sh!ts financial instability.

That is why they are going to close it down.

It isn’t a pension.

I’m glad these abysmally stupid yet sociopathic people, creating Generation Rent, will have a terrible winter life.

What MGTOW has become

I noticed the post about commitment phobes shot to the top spot. These entitled guys want all the services of a wife (like companionship) without the down payment. No woman will ever be your mother. MGTOW is becoming synonymous with the fear of women and fear of marriage (literal commitment phobia).


MGTOW = Rejection + Projection
Social failure, genetic suicide.
Selfish and proud.
The ones who don’t want to breed are the ones who shouldn’t. Darwin wins.
They’re the human equivalent of pandas.

If they could step out the doorway and GO, as they threaten to, that would be great.

Literally every woman who is ‘wife material’ will be thinking this;

Reject yourselves so we don’t have to, fantastic.


fear of women already has a name.

Gynophobia or gynephobia is an abnormal fear of women, a type of specific social phobia.

Remember that next time they blame their social anxiety.

Male entitlement, future wife edition

Your future wife will be the same as your current wife – imaginary.

It’s like those feminist “I deserve…” lists.

Edging closer to the truth is better surely? Right??

Here’s the opening line where he thinks the absolute worst things about him are the best;

I have a confession to make: I’ve lost count of the number of women I’ve dated, slept with, hung out with and fallen for.

A sensible, traditional woman will read that as;

I am arrogant and bizarrely proud of the fact I have no standards, no self control, treat women as disposable sex toys and have lost all ability to pair bond.

Gee, I wonder why he’s single…

He is literally bragging about what a terrible husband he would be. In any other time period in history, were people this dumb? Was common sense so lacking?

“I’m a terrible prospect! Buy in, ladies I ignored as prudes!”

He’s an SJW (most traditional women wouldn’t share a room with him willingly) and he isn’t even good-looking.

He never posts pictures of himself. So let’s be kind and say he’s a 5.

In the MMV, considering his defective personality and decided lack of character, combined with his high standards? Unless he makes bank, he’s gonna die alone.