Link: Roosh’s 7 demands for a future wife

TLDR my reaction to this whole thing;

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

Yeeeahh…. He’s gonna die alone. 99% sure.

He has no idea how women work. (Not girls or club skanks, actual women). The psychology is alien to him. He’s gonna get such a shock when he realizes he’s been practicing for the wrong game this entire time. It takes longer to work for the MMV value than SMV. It’s like going from one game where your focus is a strength to one where it’s such a liability as to cause serious injury.

See, this is the problem with entitlement. They don’t see what they bring to the table. Usually, because they don’t bring much to begin with. It’s like a game of snap, assortative mating means you gotta match pretty evenly across attributes.

He dances around the marriage question too, like any decent woman won’t demand commitment – “a long-term relationship that involves having children” … old is he, again? Still scared of Mommy leaving, huh?

nb. Is that a stable way to raise kids.


  1. 18 to 25

Optimal age gap in marriage is 5 years. He is mid-30s. It takes about 2 years to get to know someone, if you’re already securely attached and neurologically capable of pair bonding (which I doubt in the case of PUAs). Women can have one child with a health gap once every 2 years. And what of the lowest divorce risk post 24?

2. under 3 sexual partners, probably virginal

I’ll be redpill: The most likely way Roosh will end up with a virgin long-term is if he becomes a suicide bomber and the 72 virgins thing has some truth to it. There’s no way the guy’s brain can pair bond after that many women. We have no idea how partner count affects male divorce risk either but quality women only like men with a FEW notches (not incapable of getting women, have social skill), it’s a steep bell curve with a median preferred of about 4-6. Four to six. Lifetime.

From one survey;

“Women were fairly evenly split in their assessment. According to the majority of sofeminine readers, a man-whore must sleep with between 20 and 50 women to earn his title. Only 14 per cent of readers said after it was after 10.”

“The study showed that men who’d been with five or more partners inside of a four-year period were less desirable than those who’d been with fewer.”

What’s wrong with them?

“We found that in terms of desirability… one or two was really desirable but when you go to five, the guy becomes really undesirable,” Anderson said. “Maybe that’s an indication that he’s promiscuous or unable or unwilling to commit, maybe he’s a bit flaky — for whatever reason, he just can’t hold down a relationship so that was seen as a huge turn-off.”

Personal flaw. The type who’ll lie, get you pregnant and flee, or refuse to pay up.

Women prefer men similar to themselves. So a virgin would prefer a man with like 3 tops.

What’s in it for the girl? I can’t think of a single damn thing, and those girls are the hottest commodity in the MMV (which requires marriage, not LTR). “There must be no doubt within her mind that I am the best that she could possibly get.”

secretly amused laughing lol rdj saints yeah fuck you
Wow, hello #4
Selfish Stanley
His neediness must really rake in the quality babes.

3. About a 7.

The marriage-material women tend to be 4-6 that young, 7+ needs to age out a bit.

“Not only is such a woman harder to manage, but her entitlement is far higher. For a life partner I will purposefully aim lower than what I could get for casual sex.” Wow just wow. He wants to manage his wife like it’s showbiz.

4. No blacks, Asians or Indians

But those women have the lowest standards?

“Acceptable races are South American, Persian, Armenian, and European (non-Northern).” Wtf is it with PUAs and White Fever?

5. Feminine

….what does that even mean.
He has this convoluted blurb after it too that contradicts.

6. Wants to be stay-at-home mother

Ok that is reasonable. But will he be stepping out on her? I think so. That is unreasonable. He does this cute thing where he pretends writing eBooks is a real job. Oh, honeylumpkin.

ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

Civilization won’t collapse if you stop doing a shit job. His books about flavours of degeneracy actually reduce the tradition and civility of the world. This sounds like an ego fever dream based loosely around 50s adverts btw, except he isn’t white so I think he got confused somewhere. And only 5% of the chores? That’s way less than DIY and repairs. Can’t he do DIY? omg what a fag even I can do DIY and it’s like 30% of household stuff

7. God-fearing

He uses a lot of big words he doesn’t understand. That’s a symptom of reading too much philosophy above your IQ level.

I guess he thinks she’ll believe he is God? What would such a God think of her marrying such a man? Who, as he put it, used women like a cum dumpster. Whose most recent article is this:

What a catch.

They seem to think the quality women don’t have standards. They should love any man Just the Way He Is.

Nope, quality men need to prove their quality. That’s a lifelong track record of building up a profile, much like a romantic CV. It’s mostly about what you haven’t done.


Sadly he seems to have experienced player burnout and feel some genuine regret. Shame that doesn’t mean shit. He made his bed. Once a degenerate, always a degenerate. Like a washed-up feminist. No tack-backsies.

Pattern: r-types honestly think they’re entitled to K-women when they get off the carousel of casual sex.

bored have you heard enough listening tired no please stop go Lestat IWTV

It’s their version of Have It All. “I deserve…” in spite of XYZ.

Here they’re all complaining about the male Wall:


I guess you curl up and die because you fried your dopamine circuits, are you happy?

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