Looks are important for men, case study hair

Holy hell I know straight men who’d go gay for 1940s man. Notice how different he looks? He looks like a different person in every era, because the hair styling accentuates or downplays different parts of him. In my estimation he goes from a 6 in some (70s ew) to a 10 in others (send me back to the 40s please). Grooming is important as hygiene, men are pretending to not understand as an excuse to be lazy but look! Look at what a difference it makes!


Do you really think all the men bemoaning how women nowadays don’t dress well have no counterpart in the sex that single-handedly keeps the Looks Industry afloat?

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Personally, I think it’s such a tragedy when a man with a strong razor-straight jawline grows a beard (beards were supposed to hide weak jawlines, men with good jaws should NEVER get them). He loses one of his best physical assets.

5 responses to “Looks are important for men, case study hair

  1. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. 1940’s guy is hot.

    For me it was 1910-1940, and then the Viking look in 2010 wasn’t bad. 60’s and 70’s look…yeah, no.

    • MY EYES! I think it’s about morals, the Victorians had their fashion rules because if a person didn’t make an effort for their appearance, they didn’t respect themselves or the community. Many technical adults don’t mature, even into their 30s now.

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