More on hair for men (and women too I guess)

That post was far more popular than expected (it zipped to #1 top popular post) so I’d like to share some recent findings.

Most baldness is caused by an excess of DHT (plus genes, aging, stress but we can’t change those). Drinking green tea among other things can help neutralize this in the body if you catch it early enough. There are plenty of resources on that. Don’t go too far the other way or you might grow manboobs (so I’d suggest you avoid actively estrogenic soy products, as they can recommend, unless you already have tits, in which case be my guest and tell me how that works out).

Black tea hair rinses strengthen the shaft but it can colour your hair like a tint (I don’t know if white tea works as well but blondes, give it a shot). Also, white tea is the healthiest of all teas to drink but watch the steep time, it’s shorter than you think. I wasted great tea that way. Don’t add a damn thing, that’s flavour’s expensive. You learn to like it.

Bone broth, bone marrow and other sources of protein reach your hair and skin last. This is why skin and hair condition closely reflect the state of your recent health. Doctors look for it. Special diets e.g. ketogenic, can negatively impact your hair quality if you aren’t careful. Trial and error, I’m afraid.

Scalp massages with diluted essential oils. Best done 10 minutes before you’re due to shower.

Hair masques on the midlength to end are vital if you have long hair (and wear it down a lot, exposing it to the elements and friction of being). Recipes should include fats you would happily eat, embrace your inner hippy on this one.

You probably have vitamin deficiencies if there seems to be no other explanation for grey hair.

Random links to get you started;

Last on that list is green tea.

As you can imagine from all this, I get complimented on my hair constantly. I use no leave-in product (it can build up a residue and ‘suffocate’ the hair shaft). Although you can’t eliminate things like split ends because life happens, if most of your hair looks good, nobody will notice let alone care.

Good luck on your journey to this;

Awwwww yeah.

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