Book: Might is Right

This book isn’t any good, but there are good parts to it maybe.

It makes the naturalistic fallacy throughout, it is specious and grandiose.

Click to access might-is-right.pdf

It’s the sort of thing internet basement dwellers read to feel empowered.

Property rights exist because it’s hard both to gain and maintain it. If a man works for 60 years, he deserves to keep his belongings, when he is too frail to physically defend them.

This applies to the spoils of war but never within a civilized society. Marauding tribes acted like this and it held them back. Why invest if someone will take your things? Why plant food if it paints a target on your back? Agriculture (the basis of comfort for culture) would fail, and these supposed strongmen would die (needing more calories than most). It’s high time preference bullshit.

It’s also a moral license to rape. That’s screwing over paternity, possibly torturing your mother, aunts, grandmother, sister, nuns… and boys. Oh yeah. Lots of male rape, not just prisons.

Who would do the work in such a place, like build houses? Who would volunteer services without payment? It’s a stupid idea. What of inheritance? How would children survive?

The truth is – sometimes violence is necessary. Those times in technological societies should be rare and isolated e.g. self-defense. These guys are r-types pretending that rattling their materialist chains makes them men. They’re like a kid pretending a stick is a sword.

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