Comic: How an economy grows (practical capitalism)

Click to access how-an-economy-grows.pdf

This should be in schools.


Technically, the property right is the decision-making power to do what you desire with it.

This is why it royally pisses me off to see others try to tell a person what to do with their own property (give it to charity being the most enraging). They’re literally claiming a right while taking the enriched person’s away, while pretending to do them a favour. Next they’ll want to charge for the privilege of hearing unsolicited wrong advice (where they bear no cost).

2 responses to “Comic: How an economy grows (practical capitalism)

  1. I was walking back to my car last night with some friends, after having gone out for pizza. I was carrying the remainder in a box and some random guy passing us from the opposite direction informed me “you should give your pizza to a homeless person.” I simply told him there were none around, though I had a few less neutral statements running through my head. I have no qualms about giving food to people that need it, and I’m sure most decent people feel the same way, but the two times I’ve given food to people on the street, they’ve appeared not only ungrateful but actually incredulous over the item given. After that, I decided to stop feeling guilty about giving no more than a “Sorry” in those encounters, and have gained a much more unflattering opinion of “thou shalt” busybodies of last night’s ilk.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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