Christian men: give a Christian woman the gift of white roses

Red roses were fine during the courting stage and could signify the future melding of bloodlines. Recently, however, they are best known as the quoted form of payment for hookers. Pink roses are also acceptable as a halfway point without insulting a woman, as a compliment to her femininity, yellow are often frowned upon.


What do white roses mean?

I actually wrote this post last year, but lately, I noticed that it’s been getting 35-50 page views per day. I think that’s a signal to me to re-post it! (I’ve changed it slightly, since I was in love when I wrote it the first time, having just sent roses to a fatherless Christian woman, and with remarkably good results!)

I wrote this post to encourage Christian men to find faithful Christian women and support them with a gift of white roses. If you know a woman who is faithful but neglected, then white roses are the perfect gift. And in the rest of the post, I want to explain why.

I’ll start with a couple of articles that explain the message I am trying to send a woman with white roses.

First, the obvious.


The meaning of shimmering white roses is not…

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