The simple decision to marry

Yes, it’s really simple.

If you apply the Prisoner’s Dilemma from Game Theory. Which nobody seems to have done so I had a go. You can use this with credit given.

The Prisoner's Dilemma as Applied to Marriage game theory original

For those scoffing and saying “what’s good” it means good – for marriage.
As in, K-type.

Don’t pretend you’re not impressed.


Like hiring for a job, it’s all in the selection. You control your contribution (what you are and always have been) but also the selection of your co-contributor. Cold feet isn’t about marriage per se, it’s about marrying the wrong person. You need a mix of good-good for it to work as intended. Marriage is a contractual exchange between K-types. Broken marriages are the product of at least one broken party to it (but sometimes both). You must be good yourself to expect a good deal (unless they wish to create a long-suffering situation, the other party should recognize before marriage). You must have something to offer. A bad prospect has no business in marriage and should, if the MMP is true, be left on the shelf.

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