There’s no such thing as ‘rape fantasies’

‘Rape fantasy’ is having a moment as an idea. Change the record.
wrong dr house urgh shut up idiots

They don’t exist. It’s an oxymoron. The only possible exception for mental states including self-destructive fantasy up to suicidal ideation are made for the mentally ill, but these are the same people who can chew on their intestines (please don’t ask me how I know that story). The mentally diseased have no bearing on healthy populations, like diabetics on what blood sugar should be.

Rape is legally and morally defined as non-consensual. That’s it. Rest is details.

When you choose to fantasize, that’s psychological consent. It doesn’t require another person, it doesn’t require actions. You are allowing scenarios to play out and furthermore, far being being submissive, the person is in complete control (unlike, say, rape).

It’s a frame laid and exploited by feminists as an excuse to get paid to talk about rape in academia and their supposed rape culture, as few men would find them attractive enough to ever target them (we all know rape is a sexual crime), it can become an obsession. That isn’t an obsession with rape although it seems that way to an outsider but a pre-condition of it (desirability) and functions in much the same way as men fantasizing about a starring role in a porn scenario. Other outlets might include comfort eating or comfort drinking in undesirable men.

So the next time somebody starts using this phrase as if it’s anything other than a non-sequitur, please correct them.

Idiot isn't as much a person as a process of doing things wrong

Rape – legal term, crime. Real.
Fantasies – fictive construct, common. Real. Harmless, frequently.
These things are like oil and water.

I think some men get off on the idea women have ‘rape fantasies’ as a kind of permission for their own fetishes because they have domination, pain-inducing fantasies. If they actually do want to rape a woman, that’s screwed up and they need professional help. When sex goes from something pleasurable to something intended to inflict pain, sex is instrumental and it’s a lot worse than say, torture with medical implements, it’s more personal, more psychologically scarring because it ruins intimacy for the victim (male or female).

I think the feminists laugh at male rape prison jokes from a similar motive, that the male domination fantasies (willing in porn, unwilling in rape) make it kind of okay because their own fantasies lend permission to the concept of being dominated regardless of the individuals and specific scenario involved (hence the reason all rapists say it was consensual, they don’t know what consent is or they delude themselves with this BS that ‘she really wanted it’).

It’s dangerous for both sexes as both are at risk of rape and both are at risk of mistaking consent and becoming a rapist with these myths flying around.

Nobody calls it a domination fantasy although that’s what really goes on in both sexes, it has nothing to do with rape. Rape sounds edgy to certain, terrible types of people.

It’s as ridiculous as saying that men have burglary fantasies or women want to be murdered. There are insane people, but we don’t think their delusions are real. There isn’t really an evil chicken on the ceiling. There is never a reason given for why sex and the other side, rape, is supposed to be an exception, yet there is an appeal to this exception.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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