Video: White women are getting fed up (white women privilege)

There are separate issues. Specific issues to white women, rarely mentioned.

Being told in every commercial, advert or marketing campaign that you must whore yourself out to a black man is probably the worst. The white woman often has her arm around one platonically otherwise. I mean, cereal commercials. We can’t even switch off for those without being told to mudshark and lose our unique genotypes. All the families portrayed in Europe? They tend to cast mixed race now. Like it’s a happy medium instead of a bastardization. White people can’t even be in our own adverts in our own countries. Count the number of visibly mongrel babies in baby ads. Well over half. Smiling, happy white mother. No father in the picture. This is held up as some ideal? Try and find a strong white man portrayed in media. In romcoms, we get fat ugly manboys like Seth Rogan. Jack Black was a male romantic lead. Women would rather jump off a building than kiss them. The medium isn’t dying, they’re ruining the formula. We can’t escape. A possible reason behind the success of costume dramas is how they can only cast white people, although this is changing and they wonder why it affects popularity of a show when they stick out and pull you out of the story entirely. I just wanted to watch my own people in my own country being polite to one another. In a world of cheap catcalls from ghetto scum and no men to pull open the door, it’s nice!

Case study

Seeing the basic bitches wearing tiaras and playing Princess (an entirely European construct) is also pretty low. Imagine if we started wearing African head-dresses and stomping around a fire. You’d be pretty offended. That isn’t even claiming to lead your people. Do you know why people really hated the ending of BBC’s Merlin?

A thousand words and none of them are PG.

It was a story set in the Middle Ages. In England. They killed King Arthur, because he was a straight blonde male with blue eyes, and he had no children. The mulatto he married shortly before was playing Gwen, aka the White Phantom, the fairest and most beautiful woman in the world. She ruled alone once he died, flying in the face of logic, history, everything good and right in the world. This character spent 5 seasons moping around being a whiny bitch because the character is defined by her whiteness so she couldn’t do anything. Meanwhile, the baddie they cast as Morgana.

Was perfect for Guinevere.

The BBC followed this up by butchering more of Europe’s grand history by remaking Atlantis, not populated by Greeks as we recall but Asians apparently. Ugly, big nosed Asians with too much hair. They could’ve found one with a nose job.

This is ‘Ariadne’, the main love interest, where you hear men wax lyrical about how she’s the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen.

More evidence for their trial, I guess.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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