Why mockery?

I was listening to the interview of Bill Whittle by Stefan Molyneux, and near the end (1:07ish) something stuck out about r-types.

Something they didn’t know, but I do.

eric ooh aah umm uhuh play dumb smile laugh evil grinmfw

Let me help you gentlemen. Their psyche is feminized. Not feminine, not a slight on women (after all, I am one), but femin-ized, allowing them to ape dumb women as useful idiots by playing One of Us. This is how they grew the (Welfare) State.

From the video: They were wondering how they could reason with the Left and get through to them on the situation and the dangers and consequences of their actions within enough time to avert the course for disaster.

I had to laugh at the naivety. Many brilliant people can’t feign idiocy long enough to understand their position, to feel it from the inside like an actor wearing a character mask. I have studied them at length you see, for years at close proximity without going native. Some of you might disagree with my methods and I finally understand, I have never explained them. I had thought it was obvious. I am sorry for this oversight and seek now to correct it. This will be a brief summary, questions welcome.

I’ll be blunt: They hate you. Accept it and move on. It’s a compliment. They hate what you stand for. When you stand for it harder, it’s like spitting in their faces. It makes them more antagonistic. This is why conservatives hide in academia. You need someone from the Inside. Someone they trusted, they talked to, they confided in. You need a disenchanted scholar.

me sorry did someone say my name

“Did someone say my name?”

Yes, that’s the reason behind my name. That and this. It explains my humor.

It’s difficult to put this into words. Your instinct will be to disagree. Okay, test it. Find the nearest demo and test it out. Tell me what happened. Tell me I was right. It’s normal to be cynical but you have to gain the evidence somehow. Go out into the field and try it.

Yes stupidity is contagious

I’ll go backwards since we’re logical creatures here.

We know we’re fucked. We know we’re all fucked. Instinctively, we see our racial kinsmen including Left wingers as our ingroup. This is mistaken. We want to protect what we have and this includes them. We want to save everyone, the White Guilt Saviour Complex the Left bitches about? We imagine they are reasonable, living in the First World as we do. We imagine they will see reason.

They don’t have reason, they dissemble a facsimile of it. Look up dissembling and realize all those logical fallacies are deliberate. Like a bad boxer, they’re hoping to tire you out. They want to wear you down, the bureaucracy is intended to grind you down and make you lose hope. Use your endurance against you. Why fight a tidal wave? This is behind their myth of the ‘right side of history’, they tell you your loss is inevitable because this would demotivate them….

When they marched through the institutions, those places were respectable because they were run conservatively. It directly led to their success. It materially contributed to their financial and intellectual wealth. Those places are beginning to lose their status considering how far they’ve fallen in the hands of the Left. Being SJWs, they will double down. Let those places go.

BTW: That’s why I left.

game moriarty manic

Oh never fear, I’m not finished with them. Not by a long shot. They aren’t getting away with anything.

The map is not the territory. Smart people fall for this a lot. It comes into play here.

We don’t have an issue with r-types minding their own business. Except they refuse to do that. By nature, they intrude. They believe all resources are up for grabs and ownership is a matter of who holds it. We believe what’s mine is mine because I deserve it because I worked for it because because because… I have a right to the fruits of my labour.

Their response? That fruit belongs to everyone. We made you. We made you happen. In essence, it’s a protection racket. We allow you to live. It’s true on a level – their numbers could mob us and swarm us, overwhelm us. This is the rationale behind welfare originally. They won’t revolt, they won’t commit crimes. It was a payoff. In a military situation, mobs are hell. This is why you never see them without a gang.

We live in the First World. We have picket fences but they are the illusion of control.

For example, imagine you are you and your neighbour is a liberal. Your neighbour sticks to their front yard and all is well with the world. You’d never intrude on theirs. It’s theirs, in your mind. You respect that. Until one day they stand there, in yours. You brush it off. It happens again. Bad neighbours are always r-selected.

They’re pushing their luck but it paid off last time. So what do you do? We live in a civilized society. There must be some rational explanation. They can’t possibly seek out a conflict because there’s no incentive, no reason to do so…. This is the mindset of the above men. They don’t get it. These people are reckless. They live to ‘push their luck’. They have the immortality assurance of a teenage boy. Nothing can hurt them, how dare the world make them cry.

In the state of nature, you own what you defend. You didn’t defend it once, so it’s theirs now. This is how they think. This is how they encroach on companies, charities and the public sector. We’re here, we moved in now. This is mine. That’s the mindset of the millions of Muslims carving a path of destruction to Europe. Invasion is a claim to territory, foremost.

A challenge: what are you going to do about it?

It’s called the foot in the door technique. Con artists work by manipulating the rules of etiquette to bend behaviour because the impulse is to refrain from rudeness, to think of one’s own reputation and spare the other’s honour by not disrespecting them with hurtful assumptions. A brilliant man called Peter Hitchens targeted the origin of PC as the European impulse to be polite. There must be another reason. I must be in the wrong because strangers are like me, presumed polite and peaceable.

This is not one of those times. R-types are every enemy a conservative has ever faced. Once the veil is torn off you see it time and time again and they all operate to the same script.

What can you do?

The K-selected society emphasizes brutal physical self-defense. You can shoot them. We don’t yet need to. We could go to prison for doing what comes naturally, defending one’s territory. They are a threat, although they may not be one right now.

In an r-selected society, there is another option. The only other option and the reason conservatives have lost the culture war for decades, perhaps centuries.


and here we go joker come on

What is the motivation of the Joker? [latest film version]

No, seriously.

If you said chaos, you weren’t paying attention. Listen again, for K-traits.

Would an r-type burn a huge pile of US Government Federal Reserve cash and call it principle?

What’s he doing? Why do people like him? Why is he more charismatic than Batman? What does he want?

People won’t listen to well-worded arguments on the internet. They won’t listen to a blow by blow explanation of what has happened by the very people who did it.

All that time Batman wastes trying to be an example comes to nothing. These people don’t want to learn and thankfully, they can’t learn. They are rabbits, they can observe and react. That’s what the Joker does, he stirs up a reaction. It’s all calculation. His very look is calculated. He wears a suit – respectable, with clown makeup. How is that not a social critique of the ruling elite?

Exhibit B.

Wasn’t the Joker in the military? To pull off that pencil trick too. Quite high up, special forces maybe. That agility. Is that how he got those scars? He sacrificed for his country and saw what became of it? What he gave up his ‘sanity’ for? He sees the world as insane, not himself. He feels insane knowing that. He knows it should be the other way around so he makes a joke of it. Insane people don’t know it. They’re unrealistic. His predictions keep coming up. He doesn’t attack the military either, he shoots in the air a lot… like Batman.

Sure, he seems like a guy who’s making it up as he goes along. He didn’t know where they were, who they were or played how they would respond like the Devil’s fiddle. This is why the Joker is terrifying. He uses human nature against us. He knows you better than you know yourself. He moves people like chess pieces. He tries to engage Batman because he used to be similar in outlook, naive. He fights for people who’d kill him. Who’d strip his billionaire status at least. This is seen when Gotham turns on Batman for the millionth time.

The r-types have no physical violence to back it up (the Joker himself deftly outsources violence to others when he can, like an r-type) so they must use door number two, of two. Mockery on conservatives. It doesn’t really work, it confuses us more than anything. It makes us let them stay on the lawn that one time. Hence the belief that conservatives are idiots all the way up to Nazis (despite being socialists), and easy to trick, fobbing off their crazies on us when anything happens. We become the Bogey Man. We become their Batman, they the criminal.

Note: Batman is quite r-selected. A life of ease and abundance, his gadgets fight for him and he sleeps around. R-selection happens in shades. Batman’s parents contributed to Gotham for the common good because they were K-types, they didn’t interfere with personal lives and contributed transport, for example. Public infrastructure is apolitical and long-sighted.

What makes the Joker laugh? ‘And I thought my jokes were bad’. It isn’t funny. His content, his subject, isn’t funny. He isn’t a sadist. He goes after the big fish. Sadists prey on the weaker. He has principles. I suppose it’s karma or comeuppance. After all, he fills a niche, and who else could provide it? He’s the walking revenge fantasy to Batman’s justice fantasy, two sides of the same coin. When law fails, punishment. Batman goes for the henchmen, Joker goes for the boss. Law needs enforcement. Rules without punishment for cheating are meaningless.

Look to gamergate. The first cultural backlash from anyone NOT SJW and it’s thriving. Isn’t their stupid flurry of reaction quite funny? Why does it work? They need a bubble telling them they’re the best because they are not.

Now we get liberals hedging for the first time ever: “I’m not one of those people offended at everything BUT…” in the same way conservatives used to say “I’m not a racist BUT…” when the word meant something.

Exposing them gets to them. “I know the squealers when I see them.”

Why doesn’t Joker want to kill Batman? He could reform. He could rebuild society from the ashes. Joker needs him long-term. In a time of chaos, we need people comfortable in it. He uses chaos to augment society in the direction he likes. “If you’re good at something never do it for free.” A lot of people misheard this line. He never mentioned money. That’s r-type thinking, the current resource, hyper-inflated pieces of paper. What’s the resource to K-types? The future. He gets the price of controlling the future direction of society.

He holds up a big mirror to society with the prisoner’s boat experiment. A boat full of r-types. That’s the only part that doesn’t ring true. A single psychopath would’ve stood up and just pressed the button.

As for the hospital, how is that any different from euthanasia Leftist activists are currently pushing? For the maternity ward, abortion?

We see the ugliness, we see the damage he saw upon his injury and the resolve. We will seek to correct this and become more beautiful. Like the Guardian readers after Rotherham turning on the premises or the Rape Capital of Europe, Sweden, finally shutting off the Muslim openings at ‘asylum centres’ and saying ‘we can’t take anymore’.

If I could tell the r-types something? A speech. They’d use it against us. They’d funnel it for information to plead a change of heart if we win out or use it as propaganda against us by twisting it to their new masters, they are natural slaves. It would hit upon certain truths: we are superior, as we can sustain ourselves. We will fight our enemies, and if you obstruct your kinsmen, you’re last on that list. We will not forgive you, the excuses for High Treason do not wash. We see you and know what you are.
It would be cruel to be kind, to get them to change while times are quite good, instead of when they must. They wouldn’t, but we like to imagine it’s possible. They exploit this by asking for a dialogue, to open a conversation.

They need us. We tolerate them. Our need for them is small and with the right policies, questionable. When the liberal arts had standards, they were contained. Contented by the limits like a child with a routine.

If you want to be practical, pose a scenario where they prove their virtue by giving away a possession of theirs (as Bill unknowingly does). There’ll be a death grip. What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is also mine. The grade redistribution prank video is the best for students here. No grades (social proof of IQ), no CVs (work ethic), no bank accounts (no savings, no inheritance).

Listen to the criminal before;

“You think you can steal from us and just walk away?”
“Yuh.” he drawls, deadpan.

It’s brief but what if that cash wasn’t the criminal’s to begin with? Recall above about r-type definitions of ownership and who’s holding it. If he burns it, he wins. He becomes the ultimate owner. No one can take it away.

…They think he’s crazy. What he wants them to think. The first part of hiding your motive is concealing that you have one.

It’s a power play. Criminals work on a parody of honour culture, all bluster and show. They’re wearing suits when they don’t work in an office. Clowns put on shows. The guy who burns the blood money has honour.

He walks away because there’s no reason to target him anymore, to swarm, a literal Mob, and get the money back. That’s a message. The smoke removed the ashes from his back. It’s quite brilliant. R-types write off anyone who doesn’t act like them as defective. They don’t see the reason.

Back to the neighbour. How do you mock him?

Well, use your imagination. Be as base as you can and it will hit home “You shouldn’t stand there. (Why?) I pissed there last week when I got drunk with my old Army buddies.” Something to make a schoolkid jump. This is why shaming works on them, you expose their animal nature, their own crassness. They are ashamed to exist around k-types, the model of success just within reach. Play on stereotypes because they think they’re special. Learn the psychological complexes and neuroses that plague them (Freud is your friend here) and make an example of them. Don’t lean too hard on this, a mere mention. This is why they ignore me and try to leave me alone, I’m just too fucking triggering. Use their words but twist their meaning, dissemble just like they do. “That’s not very open-minded of you.” “I’m trying to make things equal by lowering myself to your IQ level.” “I’m sorry you think I’m bigoted, projection must be hard but I’m willing to do charity work for the logically impaired.” “I know you’re offended by differences.” Take it out of context completely, one of ‘their’ words and offer none, let the hamster spin. Shorter, sweeter. Move on and lily-pad to subjects with gaps, A to C. Put them on defense and make them play catch up. They are big on projection thanks to the narcissistic insecurity and inferiority complex.

In the case of the neighbour, play tag. They’ll be offended you touch them. Point out, hey, you’re on my land. My rules. Act like their buddy to really freak them the fuck out. See their eyes widen like, why is he being nice to me? Well, in K-land, someone who trespasses on your land with serenity is seen as a close ally. They wonder about the catch, the trick. Do nothing in that situation and let them stew in the juices of their own paranoia. Hell, start up a few conspiracy theories.

Humiliate them. They will leave and they won’t come back. They stand for themselves. That’s it. They’re isolated, atomised and that’s why they need the group. Online they use sockpuppets too.

Do you think you’re above mockery? Too good to have a laugh? Chivalry applies to regular citizens, other K-types. They are challengers, the rules of war apply. It’s verbal sparring. That’s why they keep winning on public policy issues. You bring a knife to a gun fight. You know what stops them? A loss of hope. It’s a process: they get confused, they panic, they try to match (narcissistic injury), they play victim if possible, they crumble and when they see no avenue to continue, they lose hope and scatter.

They pretend it never happened. That’s how you know you won and why you don’t see my name around much. I’m like She Who Must Not Be Named. Not once have they mentioned this blog as the origin of their complaints nor my sex, which is …interesting.

Listen to the psyops here and marvel. Final example I promise.

“You didn’t disappoint.”

“Don’t talk like one of them, you’re not.” Mild sign of genuine irritation. Why would that get the Joker’s amygdala? He doesn’t get it, he just told the guy they’re on the same side, ingroup. He called that meeting, he wanted an exchange, a reconciliation. He isn’t faking. A plan. Batman isn’t there yet. “Even if you’d like to be.” As people age, they become more K. It wasn’t easier, we were stupider. “To them, you’re just a freak.” Crazy? “They need you right now, but when they don’t, (replacement) they’ll cast you out. Like a leper.” K-types will be betrayed for their misplaced loyalty. “See, their ‘morals’, their ‘code’, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be (support) I’ll show you – when the chips are down, these, these ‘civilized’ people, they’ll eat each other. See I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.” Batman snaps, so is he.

A message to K-types: “You have all these rules, and you think they’ll save you.”

They are used against you. Fire with fire. If you have a rulebook like a Code of Conduct, it will be enforced against you. This has happened to society writ large. The welfare state helped war widows at first.

Without rules? K-shift? “You have nothing. Nothing to threaten me with.” Sun Tzu, the best warrior doesn’t throw a single punch. It’s all mental.

You can stop here this has run too long.


Remember that thing about sociopaths? What about the other boat? Wouldn’t the default K-types on that boat defend their own? Not if they perceived the boatful of r-selected criminals as their ingroup too. The one time Joker’s predictions about human nature go wrong and it’s about cleaning up society in a way Batman can only dream.

Unstoppable force – K shift. Immovable object – take your pick, rabbit entitlement? How about K Saviour Complex? They would rather be self-righteous and dead. A ‘noble’ death. What is losing it? Losing your mind? Coming to blows.

“You didn’t think I’d risk losing the battle for Gotham’s soul in a fistfight with you?”
He shows him, as promised.
“I took Gotham’s White Knight and I brought him down to our level. It wasn’t hard.”

They fucked up. Why? By mistaking their enemy for their neighbour. Ironically, if he’d listed specific names and crimes from that boatload of faceless men in ascending order, I think they’d have turned the key. You see, the K-instinct is to assume deserving, to assume they fell on hard times thanks to resource restriction (it is Gotham).

It is our single point of failure. The one weakness in our evolutionary script.

The time and place for mockery is a limited window as resources contract during Shift. When Shut occurs, when the spirit of goodwill breaks completely, the window is over. I don’t enjoy this and it is temporary. It will be the time to act. Read The Killing Joke and contemplate 1929. You can’t save them. Except by snapping them out of it, with a joke.

Know thy enemy.

4 responses to “Why mockery?

  1. Holy shit. No comments? Best post yet. I loved that portrayal. Ledger was a loss for our side, I think.

    Funny using the trespassing neighbor as an example. We ran into a lot of just that when we moved out here. All thieves of one sort or another.

    I met them all, armed and smiling and laughed at their lies and foolish justifications. “Nope! Private! Bye.” Rabbits have a very narrow comfort zone. Standing up, on their own, in the woods, is well outside it. lmao
    Even though I was always friendly, smiling and laughing, they called me the ‘bulldog on church rd.’ That’s fine, I like dogs. They stopped trying after a year or so.

    I agree, the boats would have blown. No question. I’m always reminded of Richard Harris in Unforgiven, “You got no honour, no morals.”

    I spent years saying, “just stand up, just say no!” Never happened.
    Too bad rabbit skins are so thin, they’d be useful for something.

    I don’t suppose you’re single? You’d be a great DIL. If you ever want to spend some time in the woods, you come see us.

    *Glad to know the origins of your handle, it rang bells.

    “It is our single point of failure.” We’ll work around it. One riot, one ranger.

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