What is Solipsistic?


Technically, all those men slinging this term exclusively at women while being mistrustful Look Out For #1 types are being hypocrites. Classically, men are the more selfish sex. A self-interested man is quite literally an idiot.

Book source: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=YZ8Pza5f0-QC&source=gbs_navlinks_s

Storied Words: The Writer’s Vocabulary and Its Origins by Jeske

4 responses to “What is Solipsistic?

      • Ignorant goons shouldn’t be allowed to abuse concepts in language that are beyond their understanding. Other words they corrupt are: epicurean, stoic, cynic and gay.

      • I agree, but the sickness is spreading, online. They take epicurean to mean hedon, when in fact the hedons weren’t as bad as they are now and still held to a degree of temperance, stoic as politer sociopathy, cynic as close-minded bigotry and gay…. well, gay has had many meanings, I’ve still heard its original one as happy from time to time so I don’t think the gaylords get to complain when they stole it in the first.

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