10 Gaslighting Signs



  1. The Meaning of “Normal” Changes

This is one of the most obvious signs of gaslighting. If someone tries to tell you something is normal when you think it is wrong, you need to get out of that relationship.

This is like if a person does not want to take the next step in a relationship and is called a prude rather than accepting their comfort levels. Keep in mind abusers are not only in romantic relationships but even professional relationships.

p.s. It isn’t gaslighting if you request they get independently checked out by someone with your formal qualifications. I have encountered people dipshit enough to call “gaslight!”and clutch their pearls when I’ve recommended this. …It’s good mental hygiene. These are the same people who think self-diagnosis counts btw.

2 responses to “10 Gaslighting Signs

  1. While gaslighting is certainly a phenomenon (I know first hand – I dated a Borderline) this list reads more as an excuse for mentally ill millennials to remain neurotic. The author’s self-description (especially how she listed “Indonesian” as her first language when she appears to be white) further reinforces this.

    One of the #1 signs of gaslighting is if your friends and family tell you about abuse you’ve suffered a their hands that you’re unable to recall.

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