Video: STEAM is not STEM

The first time I heard this I thought it was about the video games platform. Some type of joke.
They’ve been trying to do this for a few years actually, I heard about it when they first tried it on and everyone in a real Department was giving them serious side-eye because it came just after there were rumours about a funding cut to their arts departments. What a coincidence…
We all know what it’s about – the Valley trough. They want some of that sweet, sweet VC funding. They see billions and multi-billion IPOs and think that the barrier to entry is simply saying Me too! These are the douchebags hiring people to program BS apps nobody wants. The ideas people actually implement them, that’s their mistaken attitude talking – having the idea is simply the first step to its execution. We have a name for them, though – “non-technical founders” and without technical skills, or worse, a disrespect of them and disdain at the idea of learning any, they get none of the in-industry respect.
There is a shade of SJW entryism (they’re actually turning on the rich Jews by calling them white male oppressors in hiring decisions) but that’s a minor point. It’s mostly about the cash.

The only addition from AN art that would make any sense is STEMP, with psychology aka largely neuroscience. 

I know how that sounds.

pause stop wait what is going on confused da vinci demons leonardo

Hear me out.

The majority of Fortune companies are taking on board psychology findings anyway and it trickles down from leadership psychology (duh) and the likes of Greene’s Power book to the embodied cognition of uniforms (and why labcoats are white, encouraging moral behaviour) to the neural substrates of introversion (aka no you can’t bring them out their shell with team-building quit trying). Look up how Apple design their buildings with psychology in mind for proof this is already in effect. Ever since Ford, ‘scientific management’ (a psychology theory taught in occupational psych) has been quietly turning the wheel of capitalism. This is why we have the rules we do about working hours, clocking in and all this other BS designed to increase unit worker productivity. The worker isn’t supposed to like it. That’s because it works.

Aaron hates psychology though (mostly the clinical side tbf) so I doubt he’ll look into any of that.

Not to mention, if you got to know many scientists (all STEM), aside from finding a surprisingly high rate of secretly religious people (very surprising) you’d also know most scientists, especially the Big Names, have an artistic hobby. Practically all, it isn’t even uncommon. Engineers doing beautiful sketches, mathematicians who compose, biologists who take up taxidermy, whatever. These people have ideas, they are artistic and it’s deeply offensive to suggest they can’t be, that there’s some barrier in the high IQ technical mind preventing them. It’s basically comparing them to Sheldon Cooper.

FYI Never compare a scientist to Sheldon Cooper unless you wanna die.

The scientists are smart enough to know you can do both, but art doesn’t pay the bills. They self-teach and that’s what the official art people want to cover up. They can usually do it to a higher standard of quality than is required in Art Academies, ironically. There is no politics. Honestly, ask to see examples, I think you’ll be impressed.

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