What MGTOW has become

I noticed the post about commitment phobes shot to the top spot. These entitled guys want all the services of a wife (like companionship) without the down payment. No woman will ever be your mother. MGTOW is becoming synonymous with the fear of women and fear of marriage (literal commitment phobia).


MGTOW = Rejection + Projection
Social failure, genetic suicide.
Selfish and proud.
The ones who don’t want to breed are the ones who shouldn’t. Darwin wins.
They’re the human equivalent of pandas.

If they could step out the doorway and GO, as they threaten to, that would be great.

Literally every woman who is ‘wife material’ will be thinking this;

Reject yourselves so we don’t have to, fantastic.


fear of women already has a name.

Gynophobia or gynephobia is an abnormal fear of women, a type of specific social phobia.

Remember that next time they blame their social anxiety.

8 responses to “What MGTOW has become

  1. No, MGTOW do not fear women. We fear what the state will do to us at her whim. We do not hate women. We simply refuse to enter into a one-sided social and/or state enforced legal contract with them. Change the laws and how the are implemented and we will change our attitude. It is rather simple.

      • A logical response to fear inducing stimuli is natural. Fear of finding oneself in a tank of hungry white sharks is natural and calls for the logical response of avoiding the tank. It is illogical to hate the white sharks for eating you for it is their natural behavior. Women are the sharks and the state is the tank. There is no need to fear (or hate) the white sharks if you stay out of the tank. Women (sharks) are not the problem. The state (tank) is the problem. All MGTOW want is to be left alone. It is you, sir, that refuses to go away.

  2. For a “scholar” your lack of erudition (look it up) is showing; puerile (look it up) insults, inability to recognize metaphor (look it up), short and choppy sentences, etc. are not the hallmarks of an educated mind. And as far a shark’s proclivity (look it up) for human flesh is concerned do some research (if will take some effort so I don’t expect you to do it) on the USS Indianapolis. Why don’t you try a book authored by someone other than Stan Lee (I bet you won’t have to research him).

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