Islamic State planning European slaughter in 2016

They want a war because a book told them they’d win.

This was before AK-47s were developed.

They forget we didn’t start the past two World Wars, but we certainly finished them. Two for two isn’t half bad.

Not to mention who beat them back at every Crusade or we’d be speaking Arabic now.

There was also the honorable mention of Vlad the Impaler terrifying them away from European borders. It may be time to revisit psychological methods.

How’s the 30 year drought going? When the Left brought up global warming as the reason for the exodus, this is what they meant:

It appears more like a punishment on Syria for allowing IS, or a Biblical plague of famine.

Rising population and dwindling water supplies will affect millions of people and exacerbate conflict in the region

That’s a great water supply chain you got going there, it would be a shame if somebody…. stopped it. And you’ll need to stop taking American medicines and using kuffar Jew technology. Including water purification technology developed by White Man’s Guilt. Mmm tastes like cholera. Hope you like plague.

See The Lion for how this might play out. You keep slapping the Patriarch, the cradle of civilizations and you’d better run before he stands up.

Link: An SJW on evil

No really pull up a chair.

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You know what I hate?

Shit writers who immediately latch onto a supposed victim group with a petty anecdote as if that is a flawless mathematical proof that the world is exactly how they imagine. Instead of empty rhetoric. To use imaginary people from another victim group and getting offended on their behalf just makes you a cunt, frankly.


Most gay people aren’t into LGBT drama. Suck it up, cupcake. They don’t wanna be victims so they aren’t.

The premise of her anecdotal argument for example implies that homos are innately weaker than heteros (there was no need to bring sexuality into this discussion and the show cited actually has a nice portrayal but fuck logic when it’s an SJW on the warpath trying to sound deep) which is, as you can guess, totally baseless. Where do they get this from? It’s like how tumblr judges how to rate your argument based on your race and sex. More openly than a KKK member. They’re the most racist and sexist people alive and they’ll judge you on it to your face. Or they’ll make assumptions like I bet a white boy said this. It’s sick. No wonder they’re on meds.

As an aside, if you bring up a political debate without knowing the rational issues on both sides, you are the bigot because of course there are valid reasons on both sides that’s the whole reason it’s a current controversy. If you can’t play Devil’s Advocate for both sides equally, you don’t understand the topic and any conclusion is invalid. What a vapid twat.

Coincidentally there is this almost autistic lack of self-awareness;

But it’s a fair though. I mean, “good vs. evil” is usually an “us vs. them” type of argument. Most people don’t actually ask themselves “Are we the baddies?”

Except people with autism would perform better.

If you think your belief system is flawless, you’re in a cult.

Her stone-kicking conclusion is postmodern in the sense that she condones evil because it doesn’t really exist and moral relativism means we should learn from and embrace everyone.

eyeroll jessica jones omg wtf shut up

I’m guessing that includes paedophiles and other rapists. Proof you can sit an SJW through a really epic portrayal of abuse issues and they’ll side with the sickest person in the show (Jessica Jones was raped, Tumblr writes fanfiction about her being into this ‘relationship’ and the abuser as sexy). No, they aren’t misunderstood. You’re dumb. They are actually evil or the term means nothing. There are plenty of retarded people who can finger the Bad Guy so I don’t know if there’s a word for it. Terminal stupidity? A milder, female form of William’s Syndrome? Pathological altruism fits best but, Future Darwin Award Winners? Comparisons don’t cover the sickness and twisted nature of this pseudologic.

In case you think I’m being too hard on these people, this train of thought has real-life tragic consequences.

They’re the type of people to defend criminals, proven in a court of law criminals, blaming society for their actions as an excuse to release them onto us again. 

They’re the type of fucktard to push therapy as a viable alternative to prison for offenders, it’s called Restorative Justice and, guess what?!

That doesn’t work. 

Because they’re evil.

They enjoy hurting people and always will, it’s that fucking simple. You can see it in a brain scan, it’s undeniable. And idiots like this are helping them, enabling them, and should be suitably shamed for it. They’re supporting the real rape culture. They know their apparent solutions don’t work and they still try to turn a Beast into a Prince. Grow up.

Prison had the purpose of 1. keeping society safe from them, 2. limiting the damage they could cause while alive and, crucially a mix of the two, barring them from the gene pool. It was a genetic death sentence, hence it was a humane replacement to the literal one!

Btw, Restorative Justice, in practice? I’ve seen it. Victims are forced to deal with their abusers for years or the system supported by people like this blames them for refusing to put the abuse behind them (and ultimately say on legal record all is forgiven, under duress and harassment) and to consider the needs of their abuser to follow the treatment plan they wrote, so the offender can be released fully, and in turn have the full freedom to hurt them again. Or others, that they will feel guilty for. That’s how it ‘works’, or more to the point, doesn’t to anyone with a conscience. It’s systemic abuse and it’s disgusting. People like this like the idea of ‘redeeming’ evil like God himself because it makes them feel good, powerful, makes people cry (they get off on it) and costs the taxpayer a lot more money because of the trouble the criminal continues to cause because the RJ system enables them, nay, encourages them.

This topic grinds my gears.

Link: A Rabbit’s Take on the ‘New Fascism’

I love how they try to mislabel everything like scare quotes.
The world over, this is being called the Rise of the ‘New Right’.

You can tell by the name what he’s going to say. Reading further is somewhat superfluous.

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TLDR: Bad things happen to good people, leave Britney The Left alone!

It’s actually a very old Right. The ideologically consistent one that lasted for centuries unopposed.

Never let it be said I don’t allow opponents to air their opinions, especially when they are so demonstrably wrong and outright hilarious to anyone who knows history.

For example, he tries to paint fascism as something common to left and right. When all historical examples have a big Leftist government behind them, to orchestrate the mass murders. From Mao to Stalin. And he thinks National Socialism is a contradiction in terms…

Not really. Their logic, as anyone who paid attention in school will know was:

We made this stuff here = Nationalism

This stuff here belongs to us, all of us = Socialism

Notice the dissembling going on, the way he blends truth and his unreality, it’s quite masterful how they do it to avoid amygdala irritation, he even hits on key points like resource restriction (the Left acknowledges this because they believe the solution is Communism). He’s trying to avoid anything that may make him uncomfortable, like an admission that people are sick of the Left’s social experimenting and its effect even on Venezuela’s economy. Blame foreign policy for that one.

Note: the one word, the solution both neat, peaceful and with millennia of successful precedent that is missing from all Left critique on the subject – ‘deportation’.


Ask me anything (non-personal). Any topic, but female logic is rather popular.


Question: Why does it bother women when you tell them to smile?
Answer: You care more about how we look than how we feel.

I’ll leave this post up for future reference.


Question: What’s up with rape fantasies? – from a man.

Proper Answer: When a man has a dom fantasy, it’s normal.
when a man has a sub fantasy, it’s kinky.
When a woman has a dom fantasy, it’s kinky.
When a woman has a sub fantasy, men call it a rape fantasy. Something is presumed wrong with that woman.
You cannot fantasize about a crime being committed against your person, it’s impossible.
Take murder for example. You’ve never been murdered, you have no conception of what it’s like to die. You can envisage being in danger, but the details simply serve to make it more real. Do you want to be murdered, or is that a triviality of the plot that can be changed without a difference in arousal response?
You know who does have rape fantasies? Men. A lot of them. Both as rapist and rapee (coining it), with an attractive other. Fantasies are generally fine as long as you never act on them, the human brain is very creative and part of conditions like OCD is that the brain imagines things that horrify itself. Most men with those fantasies don’t ‘mean’ it in that sense, like people trying to understand the motives of serial killers.

Question: Why do women take so long to get dressed?
Answer: The more formal the occasion the longer it takes and we have no idea until we’re halfway through. Sometimes the bitchy ones will take even longer to punish you after you did something but most of us don’t mean to. The sensible ones start hours in advance. When asked how we look at the end? Lie. Act like you met Aphrodite herself.

Question: Why do women let themselves go?
Answer: It happens gradually, as with men. But you don’t notice men, even though statistically more of them let themselves go. We do, notice. Oh, we do.

Question: Makeup. Explain.
Answer: Erm, okay? Catch 22. Men are socially allowed to look like shit. There are two uses for makeup, hiding something and exaggerating it. Then there are girls who treat it like an expressionist finger-painting project but leave them be. It takes a lot of time, money and skill to look like this, and we’re doing it for everyone but ourselves (non-sexual), because we don’t have to look at ourselves. Be grateful or we’ll gradually whittle it down to nothing since you obviously don’t care either way. Also, waterproof setting spray exists so please quit the jokes about taking us swimming. We keep our mouth politely shut when you’re ugly.

Question: Why does paying for the date matter?
Answer: It recognizes the reproductive value of the woman and allows the man to prove himself in the masculine role as provider for the temporary tribe of two. If you fail at the first hurdle, we aren’t duty bound to give you any more chances. These rules were invented by fathers and they work, dammit.

Question: I’m pretty sure negging works.
Answer: Like the Lynx ads, right? …It may attract a certain type (young damaged cheap girl that you have to keep dragging along) but learning those techniques will put you in worse stead for attracting anything better, because women polarize in our reactions. Ideally, treat every woman as an individual because we are just human.

Question: What’s the female equivalent of the car guy?
Answer: Horse women.

Question: Do attractive nerds exist?
Answer: Yes but you’re looking for a rare group within an already rare group, so their standards are gonna be ridiculous. Good luck.

Question: Tell me about shoes.
Answer: Status symbol. Also how gullible you are to buy the ugly ones.