Video: Observe wife entitlement

“We got robbed.”

hmm uhuh o rlly really ah sure thing

Actual quote. Wow. Just wow fam.


Above: A MGTOW I respect. You don’t contribute to the decline? Enjoy however you want, friend.

You make your bed, be an adult and lie in it.

One way to recognize narcissism, both covert and overt, is the Have It All entitlement.
They seem to believe they can both have their cake and eat it. Contrary to all logic.

Because they’re so damn special… exceptions must be made.

An ignorance of social history I could abide if he didn’t feel the need to reference something incorrect as fact.  That is not how it worked. Ever. Point me to it. Find me it. Go on. Where’s the certain proof, if it was so common with regular (aka not blue blood) people? You can’t because it didn’t work like that, social history is not like the regular kind. It’s more of a balancing act, as people and cultures are so different. He’s outright lying.

IF you came from a good FAMILY, that was WEALTHY, without obvious disease (including something like neurosyphilis), and had the long upbringing of a gentleman, much like a finishing school for ladies, you could probably be married off whatever you did. Your odds were good because they looked at the overall profile of the candidate (the parents) much like hiring for a job today.

They would overlook it, the wife too, as long as it stopped post-marriage, or you’d dishonour the House. And your children could only marry down because reputation is of great import. The cycle continues until penury.

You had to earn Husband Material status. Most of it was parental arranged, like schooling, so basically the (seemingly excessive) moral instruction emphasis was “Don’t screw up. It’s bad for all of us” That’s the one thing young men had to do. ONE thing.

Btw, brothels were an expensive habit. They often included gambling tables. Sex has never been cheaper than it is now.

Here, he not only said You must screw up, and for as long as possible (implied) but nothing about earning your way with an entirely alien type of woman, building respect (the women who file for divorce have one thing in common – they don’t respect their husband). He had no moral compunctions about ruining otherwise marriageable women, but now he expects that, having gorged himself on a buffet of lusts, there will be an untouched corner somewhere he can take all for himself, a pure little corner of natural Paradise untainted by the destruction he had personally caused, mentally dissociated from the way he scorned such habits (settling down) as beneath him before (‘beta’).

It’s disconnected from reality. It’s insane.

No guilt, no shame, let alone no attempt to improve (you can’t fix what you’ve done until you admit you did something wrong). They expect all women have the low standards of bar skanks. Really? When good women are rarer than ever before, he expects he is special.

HAVE IT ALL, ladies and gents. Take a good long look.

In women, we’re supposed to call out this behaviour and laugh. Certainly I do.

Switch out the pronouns and they’d call it feminist propaganda. They can’t stand to criticize themselves (some red pill) or hold themselves to the same standards as they do others. Not even better, the bloody same. A double standard is a silly term for hypocrisy. It’s all about how the individual conducts themselves. Fine, be a shitty person, but don’t act like a saint when it suits, okay? Like the priest pedophile, what you say can never erase what you do, your choices and history. These guys will soon learn that but they’ll be very lonely old men when, with better guidance, they didn’t have to be. Men past a certain age require women to live, they become aimless and dejected and if their wife dies, they usually die shortly afterward. On a timeline of months. You don’t hear these truths in the manosphere because it’s largely run by overgrown boys trying to out-macho one another.

(Women, however, can live decades without men. I leave you to your deductions on who really needs who, where the sexes are concerned).

Back to the Have it All entitlement. I said in Who do these guys think they are? the moral side of things. Look there I won’t repeat myself. In women, they sneer at us in classic projection, like the pajamas boys who sneer at the men lifting weights in the gym. What does society do with male entitlement? Male immaturity? Cos that’s what it is, really.

In men… what? They aren’t victims. That’s bullshit. It’s worse when men do it, what excuse do they have? Listening to them extol the virtues of men and vices of women (unnecessary but thanks), they should all be Hercules. There is not a single excuse to hold water. Man good. Woman bad. When man behave badly, suddenly ….. it’s woman’s fault!

……………….. you’re kidding. You must be joking.

Either women have that power over you or we don’t. You can’t have it both- ah, you can’t have it both ways, narcissists.

You may deserve an object. Fair enough. A coffee after a long shift, new boots, whatever. A person is not an object. You do not deserve another living being, even a pet. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise is probably a sociopath (they see people as objects).

For all the manosphere bitching about carousel riders who want to hop off when they feel the cold breath of the Wall on the back of their neck, they fail to see that this is a behaviour. An unacceptable spoiled behaviour that manipulates good people into trusting a bad person (using them timely for personal ends). Men do it too and don’t get a free pass. Men are supposed to set the moral standard, but the double standards they hold to themselves? No wonder women have lost hope.

Oh, those women exist, Roosh. We stay well away from the likes of you.

You see, there is no discussion of the social rewards.

The social reward of the Bad Girl is fun and popularity.

The social reward of the Good Girl is respect and security. 

The same applies to men, actually.

AKA they do not entertain the class clown. Who respects a clown? Who would marry a clown? Women lie and say we value GSOH. We do not. We never have but now there is an arms race where the men try to be funny and we laugh at their stupid jokes because we like them anyway. Why did we say GSOH, then? The opposite is anger. A man who can laugh off a conflict (gent) is better husband material than one who gets angry. Parenthood requires a SOH.

Note: nowhere does this require dirty humour. Common misconception. And that type of signalling draws in the tramps while repelling the ladies. I’m not surprised he can’t find one…

Although I will admit, this American presumption of whorishness without shame or apology is so offensive to the few ladies in existence, if he met one, he wouldn’t be able to tell.  Maybe wrote them off as feminists for being offended at being spoken to worse than a hooker back in the 19th century. If you read about their come-ons, nowadays it’s practically PG (look up hairy-fordshire).

As I wrote a long time ago, with the sexes inverse;

If you expect a lady, you must have been a gentleman.

You say good men marry the ho. It’s rare, like marrying an abuser in women. They are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for their relationships. Your male opinion of desirability to the opposite sex is meaningless. Null and void. Women don’t look at the same traits as you and a man who behaves badly could never be good in our eyes. If you want to test a man, give him freedom. Generally, we select people of the same moral level. This conflicts with religion in studies so it’s hard to test. If your friend, this ‘nice guy’ keeps picking out bitches? Keeps having marital problems when she was fine before? The problem is him. You have only been his friend, he might be a good friend and a terrible boyfriend. You can’t know unless you’ve been in a relationship with him. If he can only attract the bad ones? He deserves a bad one. He is himself a bad one.

You’re not a player. You’ve been played. Society has milked you for clothes and club money. Settling down isn’t an option anymore. The window closed. You are burned out. What do you have to offer? Well? Something a younger man does not? You don’t even want such a thing for its virtues, but for novelty. Like a greedy fat kid.

Reproductively, few men have ever reproduced (hatefact) and you wasted your best years to attract the wife material instead developing your ‘skill’ in attracting her polar opposite (and on the flipside, repelling her kind, did you never figure that out?). If she existed back then? She’s already married someone else. She’s gone. Off the market. The bar skanks were attracted to you because you were spending …your MMV. Like they were spending their SMV.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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