Islamic State’s little secret, Captagon

Of course the cowards need to get high first, they don’t really believe in it.

Although news of their flesh-eating virus, which will only worsen as the drought ensues, made me chuckle.

Where’s your God now?

dean winchester supernatural evil smirk lol laughing amused

3 responses to “Islamic State’s little secret, Captagon

  1. I am not defending Syrians or anyone else, but frankly, the Washington Post (nor Reuters, for that matter) is no bastion of truth. As a matter of fact, I view virtually everything published there as a lie used to brainwash Americans (and others).

    It reminds me of the storyline that observant Muslims were getting lap dances and doing coke before the 9/11 “terrorist attacks”, which, of course, is a lie on multiple levels.

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